Whelen Light Bars

Founded in 1952, Whelen specializes in making emergency LED light bars for the vehicles of police officers, first responders, firefighters, and other emergency personnel. While their product catalogue may not include many lighting options suited for the casual motorist or off-road enthusiast, their emergency purpose lights are the best in the industry and are the go-to choice for emergency workers across the globe.

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If you are in need of a light that is designed to get people’s attention no matter the circumstance, Whelen light bars are designed to get the job done, shining brighter and lasting longer than their competition. These emergency lights come in a wide variety of types, sizes, and mounting options and can be purchased to fit an equally wide range of emergency vehicles.


In short, if your profession requires you to have a bright, flashing light bar mounted on your vehicle, Whelefn is the company of choice to fill your needs.

Whelen Product Lines

While Whelen’s automotive lights may be focused almost entirely on emergency lighting, that does not mean that their catalogue is limited. Whelen offers a very wide range of products to suit any number of imaginable emergency applications.

Their Edge Series light bars are made primarily to be mounted on police vehicles and come in sizes to be mounted on various critical locations on the vehicle such as the back bumper, the front grill, and the top of the vehicle. Features of this series include:

  • 7-25 warning flash patterns depending on the light
  • 4 traffic advisor patterns
  • Amber, blue, red, and white LED colors
  • Clear, non-fluted lenses that are sealed to the ABS vacuum-formed housings
  • Meets or exceeds SAE J845, SAE J595, KKK1822F and California Title XIII specifications
  • Lightheads are fully encapsulated for moisture, vibration and corrosion resistance


Whelen also offers a slim, lower profile light bar in the Legacy that sports the highest intensity for a low profile strobe light bar available today. The chief of their light bars, however, is their Liberty series LED light bars. Features of this series include:

  • Aluminum top shield that stays cool and protects the light bar from the elements and directs heat away from the light’s internal components
  • Photocells that automatically dim at night and still meets SAE Class 1 requirements in low power mode
  • Plug and Play into the CenCom Sapphire™, CanTrol® controller or vehicle manufactured controllers
  • Center divider(s) with LIM (Liquid Injection Molded) wiper seals to assure lightbar stays secure in all conditions
  • Straight corners providing 360° of warning light, meeting SAE Class 1
  • Efficiently designed heat sink for maximum lifespan

Along with strobe lighting, Whelen offers many various lighting solutions for emergency vehicles that can be found at their website and through authorized dealers.

Whelen LED Light Bars Key Features

Along with offering best LED lighting solutions for emergency vehicles, Whelen also provides aviation lighting. In fact, they were responsible for developing the first aviation lighting, and though their primary market has since become emergency vehicles, Whelen is still known for maintaining the same level of innovation that led them to develop aviation lighting.

Their two manufacturing facilities are both USA based, and the company employs more design engineers than any other company in the lighting industry. Along with their own engineers, Whelen actively partners with OEMs on how to design lighting that will better integrate with various models of vehicles. After a product is developed, Whelen is able to put it through realistic and excruciating tests in their on-site laboratory.

All of this combines to allow Whelen to remain a leader in the innovation of LED lighting solutions. Whelen’s website has an entire category devoted to showcasing their new products, and the company continues to add more products to their line on a frequent basis.

How It's Made: Whelen Lightbars

Whelen Light Bars

Final Words

Despite being one of the most innovative and esteemed brand names in the emergency LED lighting market, Whelen still manages to be more affordable than most all of their competition.

This affordability combined with a wide range of high quality, ultra-bright lights makes them the brand of choice for firefighters, road workers, tow operators, police officers, and other emergency personnel across the globe.

With the largest variety of emergency lights of any other company, you should be able to find Whelen LED lights to suit your needs no matter your intended application.

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