Vision X LED Light Bars

Founded in 1997, Vision X has made a name for themselves by producing ultra-bright, high-quality light bars for a large variety of vehicles and uses. For a relatively young company, Vision X boasts a large number of loyal customers and is one of the only light bar manufacturers that can claim their products having been used by the military, border patrol, professional off-road racers, and even NASA.

Their large product catalogue includes several lines of innovative lights ranging in size from 4 inches all the way up to their massive 52 inch light bar. Each of these lights is equipped with state-of-the-art technological innovations and the highest quality materials on the market today.

Having achieved an impressive list of awards and an even more impressive collection of positive customer reviews, Vision X is quickly becoming the brand of choice for motorists looking to equip their vehicle with a bright, durable, and eye-catching new LED light bar.

Vision X Product Lines and Products

Considering the fact that Vision X has not been designing lights for nearly as long as some of their competitors, the catalogue of products the company has managed to amass is incredibly impressive.

Vision X boasts as having a team of the most effective engineers in the world today, and their product lines is certainly reflective of this high level of creativity and innovation. Current LED light bar lines offered by Vision X include the XPR Series, the Xmitter Series, the XPI Series, the Horizon Series, and the Evo Series.

The XPI Series of light bars come available in lengths ranging from 12” to 51” and are made for long distance illumination, with a range comparable to HID light but with all the advantages of LED. Available in sizes 14” to 24”, the Horizon Series is a line of compact and affordable light bars that are made with the leading LED technology to shine just as bright as their larger competition.

Vision X’s most popular light bars, the Xmitter Series, comes available in sizes 4” all the way up to 52” and is made using a method of precise positioning and custom created optics to perfectly combine each beam of light from the various LEDs in the double row light bar into one, continuous stream. It is this series of light bars that lays claim to being used by the military, border patrol, and NASA.

Like the XPI, the XPR Series is another line of long distance light bars, ranging in sizes from 12” to 51”, giving motorists another set of great options for a light bar made for long distance illumination.

Lastly, Vision X offers the Evo Series—one of the only series of LED light bars to be made using high power 10W bulbs instead of the standard 5W, making them one of the brightest lights available today.

Along with these series of lights, Vision X also sells a massive quadruple row version of their Xmitter lights as well as a low profile version of the Xmitter.

Vision X Key Features

Along with offering a wide selection of Vision X LED light bars, the company also produces LED pod lights and LED work lights as well. All of these products maintain the same level of quality and innovation as the Vision X light bars and are popular products of the company as well.

Vision X lights have been tested in ways more rigorous and thorough than most any lights in the industry. Before putting it to use, NASA conducted extreme tests on their Vision X light bar by putting it inside of their TORR chamber.

In the TORR chamber, the light was subjected to zero atmosphere tests as well as being brought down to 10K(-323̊F). The Vision X light passed both of these tests without failure. Because of their extensive testing, many Vision X lights have gained CE Approval and have also received accolades such as:

  • SEMA: 2014 Global Media Award Winner
  • SEMA: 2013 Global Media Award Winner
  • The AAM Group: 2012 Vendor of the Year (Outstanding Manpower Support)
  • Great Lakes Graphics Association: Award of Excellence (2012 Catalog)
  • Exego Group – Ashdown Ingram: Best New Product Excellence
  • The AAM Group: 2011 Vender Performance Award
  • The AAM Group: Performance Award 2010 Vendor Showcase
  • SEMA: 2009 Global Media Award Winner

All said, Vision X’s line of LED light bars are extremely well-recognized lights that have been put through a gauntlet of tests, giving the company plenty to showcase.

Cutting-Edge Vision X Lighting Manufacturing Facility

Vision X LED Light Bars

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have purchased light bars from Vision X seem to be very pleased with both their brightness and their quality of construction. In particular, customers enjoy the fact that Vision X lights have a very low current draw to light output ratio. This means that they are able to run longer without killing your battery while still remaining just as bright.

Concerning their brightness, customer reviews indicate that their Vision X lights were able to fully illuminate the road to an amazing degree. They say that compared to many light bars they have used in the past, Vision X lights are on the whole much brighter.

Customer reviews also touch on how simple Vision X light bars are to mount, with several customers saying it only took them a few minutes to get their lights up and running.

Lastly, customers have said that the solid construction Vision X products is noticeable as soon as you start to examine the light. All of Vision X’s products have received excellent security ratings, are said to have an average lifespan of over 50,000 hours, and several customers have stated that the lights they purchased are still burning bright after several years of use.

Final Words

With a large catalogue of torture-tested lights that are equipped to the brim with the latest LED technology and innovations, Vision X certainly has an advantage over most all of their competition.

Their LED light bars are made using the most durable materials and manufacturing processes available, and they boast as having a team of the finest engineers in the world who are constantly searching for ways to make their lights even better.

Vision X light bars are well reviewed and are trusted by the military, professional motorists, the coast guard, and even NASA. All said, they are a great company to equip you with a top-of-the-line LED light bar.