Tuff LED Light Bars

Tuff is a company that prides themselves on being owned and operated by off-road enthusiasts who are all-too eager to personally test the LED light bars that they produce.

With a personal understanding of how rigorous an off-road adventure can be, Tuff set out to make a line of the most durable light bars on the market.

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Because of this commitment to durability, Tuff LED lights are praised as being some of the strongest and most reliable light bars that you can find. Tuff is quoted saying that they have tested their lights “from mud filled valleys to the top of 14,000ft peaks.”

Tuff LED Light Bars-


Thanks in part to this rigorous testing, Tuff has managed to design a full catalogue of impressive LED light bars that are fully-equipped with advanced innovations to make them brighter, more efficient, and more durable.

Add to this the fact that most of the lights in this catalogue are reasonably priced, and a Tuff LED light bar becomes an attractive option to consider.

Tuff Product Lines and Products

Tuff produces LED lights for a large variety of applications, from residential and household lighting to lights for industrial use. Manufacturing and selling Tuff LED lights for automotive applications, however, remains the mainstay of their operation.

One of the most popular series of light bars that Tuff produces is the Defcon Series.

Features of the Defcon Series include a low profile design that can be mounted most anywhere, a sturdy aluminum housing with an IP67 security rating, a double row of ultra-bright Cree LED bulbs in a combination of both spot and flood beam patterns, and a hybrid-optic system for optimum light dispersion.

Another popular series is the Curved Series, which features most all of the same innovations as the Defcon lights but in an attractive curved design.

Tuff also produces the compact and affordable Supernova Series light bars as well as the Slim Series, which features a streamlined, low-profile design that is becoming increasingly popular among motorists looking to add an attractive customization to their vehicle.

Tuff makes a second streamlined design in the Lava Series, which features light bars similar to the Slim Series but with a slightly different design.

Lastly there is the Ultra Series, which is a tough and ultra-bright series of light bars that are equipped with all of Tuff’s latest and greatest innovations.

All of Tuff’s LED light bars are made to be extremely durable and are built using industry-leading materials and manufacturing processes. They also all come equipped with Cree LEDs, making them some of the brightest and most efficient light bars on the market today.

Tuff Key Features

Part of what Tuff strives to offer along with a great product is excellent customer support. They say that since they themselves are outdoor and off-road enthusiasts, they are well-equipped to help their customers in any way necessary, whether that be answering questions about one of their lights or helping with a warranty claim.

Customer service may not be the biggest factor to consider, but it is certainly a nice bonus.

While much attention is given to the durability of Tuff’s LED light bars, it is also important to note their brightness. All of Tuff’s lights are equipped with Cree LEDs, which are far and above the most effective LEDs available today.

best Tuff LED Light Bars

Because of the quality of these LEDs, most any Tuff LED light bar review that you will read will be praising the light for its ability to turn daylight into dark. Tuff may put a large amount of emphasis on the durability of their lights, but that doesn’t mean they did not make them extraordinarily bright as well.

Lastly, most all of Tuff’s LED light bars are highly affordable, especially compared to other quality brands. If you are looking for a bargain, Tuff is the way to go.

Final Words

Tuff LED light bars are lights that certainly live up to their name. These lights are designed by off-road enthusiasts to be the most durable options available today.

Combine to this their solid level of technological innovations, their affordable prices, and the ultra-bright Cree LEDs that the company puts in their lights, and Tuff LEDs becomes a great company to consider purchasing an LED light bar from.

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