Rigid LED Light Bars

One of the most esteemed brands in the light bar industry, Rigid Industries LED Lighting is acclaimed for manufacturing superb quality, made in the USA LED light bars that have a reputation for outshining and outlasting the competition.

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6 inch E-Series LED comboLocated in Gilbert, Arizona, Rigid’s primary manufacturing plant was built in 2013, though the company itself has been operating since 2006. Ever since then, the company has been producing light bars that are heralded as the industry standard by all types of on-road, off-road, and marine enthusiasts.

Along with producing high-quality lights, Rigid Industries’ success can also be attributed to their large product catalogue which offers customers a wide variety of choices to find the perfect LED light bar for their specific vehicle and needs. This large catalogue full of innovative, ultra-bright lights has made the Rigid Industries LED light bar the gold-standard of the LED automotive lighting market.

Rigid Industries Product Lines

As mentioned, Rigid boasts one of the largest product catalogues in the industry, giving customers plenty of options in choosing their LED light bar. One of the most popular product lines in this catalogue is the E Series.

ModelSize (inches)WattsInput Amperage# of LEDsRaw LumensBeam ConfigurationReviews
E 4"5 x 3 x 3302.1783000Flood/Spot/DiffuseReview
E 6"7 x 4 x 4453.26124500Flood/Spot/Diffuse/ComboReview
E 10"12 x 4 x 4654.71205740Flood/Spot/Diffuse/ComboReview
E 20"22 x 4 x 41107.97409200Flood/Spot/ComboReview
E 28"30 x 4 x 415411.165612880ComboReview
E 30"32 x 4 x 416511.966013800Flood/Spot/ComboReview
E 38"40 x 4 x 420915.147617480ComboReview
E 40"42 x 4 x 422015.948018400Flood/Spot/ComboReview
E 50"52 x 4 x 427519.9310023000Flood/Spot/ComboReview

LED light bars in Rigid’s E Series come in nine different sizes, starting at 4 inches and ranging all the way up to 50 inch light bars. Features of this series that has made them the most popular series of lights Rigid sells include:

  • 100% optically clear, indestructible Lexan lens;
  • Highest lumen per watt output of any other lights available;
  • A 50,000 hour average lifespan;
  • Patented hybrid optics capable of directing 94% of an LED bulb’s light toward the front;
  • Highly durable A360 aluminum housing;
  • Modular design that allows damaged parts to be quickly removed and replaced;
  • IP68 waterproof rating;
  • Spot, flood, or combination beam patterns available;
  • 5W LEDs driven at 75% nominal output;
  • Availability of amber LEDs for low visibility conditions.

rigid-industries-m-series-led-lightAlong with the E Series, Rigid Industries also offers an M Series of LED light bars made for marine applications. These lights have all the same features of Rigid’s E Series but are made to be mounted on marine crafts.

While these two product lines are the company’s most popular range of LED light bars, Rigid offers a large number of other LED lighting options. Their D Series of lights are smaller, cube shaped lights made to provide a high amount of illumination in a more compact, affordable package, andRigid offers their Q Series for worksite illumination purposes.

The company also carries a range of specialty lights such as infrared light bars for security personnel and ultra-violet lights.

Rigid LED Light Bars Key Features

Part of what sets Rigid Industries apart is a group of athletes that Rigid refers to as their “Torture Team”. These athletes endorse Rigid’s products by putting them through the most extreme conditions and testing them to their limit.

If Rigid says that one of their light bars is “Torture Team Approved” it means that it has been used by these athletes and pushed to the limit without failing. This kind of durability makes Rigid LED offroad lights the most sought after by people looking for a light bar that will hold up through all of the bumps and jars that an offroad outing can produce.

50 inch E-Series LED combo

Along with this durability, Rigid offers a limited lifetime warranty on all of their light bars, and their customer service is said to be exceptional. Rigid LED light bars can be purchased either from their website or from an authorized dealer, and Rigid warranties the light in both circumstances.

If you decide to have a look at Rigid’s website, you will be able to browse through categories that have been sectioned off based on the light’s intended use. These categories include lights for powersports, off-road, marine, agriculture, mining, industrial, commercial/fleet, public safety,and military, as well as Rigid’s main category for their standard automotive LED lights.

Tortured - Rigid Industries

Rigid LED Light Bars

Final Words

If you are looking to purchase an LED light bar from the most reputable, established company in the industry, Rigid is your company of choice. The construction of their LED light bars is second to none, and with the highest lumen per watt output of any company on the market, their lights are bright enough to light up a dark road with daylight clarity.

Don’t expect to save a ton of money by purchasing from Rigid. Rigid Industries spare no expense in manufacturing the highest quality possible light bars however, if you can afford a Rigid light bar, it will undoubtedly be the best LED light bar you will have the chance to own.

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