Rigid Industries 4″ E-Series LED Light Bar Review

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Rigid Industries 4 inch E-Series LED Light Bar Review
Its solid construction and high-quality LEDs make the light perfectly suited for both on and off-road conditions while maintaining an average lifespan of over 50,000 hours of use.

If you are looking for a compact, low-cost light that will make your vehicle look great and easily illuminate the road ahead, then this 4 inch LED light bar is a great light to consider.


Features List

  • Designed, Engineered, Assembled in the USA
  • Patented Hybrid Optics
  • 50,000+ Hr LED Lifespan
  • Instant On / Off – No Warm Up
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Over / Under Voltage Protection
  • Durable Polycarbonate Lens
  • Integrated Thermal Management
  • GORE® Pressure Equalizing Vent
  • Watts: 30
  • Amp Draw: 2.17
  • LED’s: 8
  • Raw Lumens: 3000
  • Lux @ 10m: 110.0
  • Beam Distance: 209.8 m
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 11,000 cd

Rigid Industries 4 inch E-Series LED Light Bar ReviewOverview

As far as the 4 inch rigid LED light bar is concerned, bright things can come in small packages. Made using ultra-bright LEDs and constructed with the best optics available, this dual row light bar is able to produce an impressive 3,000 lumens of light while remaining highly compact and affordable.

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For its size, this light is impressively bright. If you are wanting to save a little bit of money, or if your intended use demands a smaller light, the 4 inch E-Series is an excellent light bar to consider.

Its twin rows of ultra-bright 5W LEDs are capable of emitting 3,000 total lumens, and its solid construction has achieved an IP rating of IP68, making it impervious to the elements.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, this light, like all of Rigid’s light bars, lives up to a peak level of quality that the name Rigid Industries has become synonymous with.

In the realm of small, compact LED light bars, the 4 inch E-Series is hard to beat.


No matter what kind of LEDs you put in or how refined the optics are, no four inch light is going to be as bright as larger light bars. 3,000 lumens is a lot of light, especially considering its size, but if you have the money and room to support a bigger light bar, you can easily get a lot more illumination. If compact and affordable is what you’re going for though, this light is the perfect choice.


If you are in the market for a compact, affordable LED light bar, the 4” E-Series light cannot be beat. Its brightness and durability are unparalleled, and the quality of its construction is the best in the industry. It may not be as bright as larger lights, but for its purposes, it is the best available.

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E 10"12 x 4 x 4654.71205740Flood/Spot/Diffuse/ComboReview
E 20"22 x 4 x 41107.97409200Flood/Spot/ComboReview
E 28"30 x 4 x 415411.165612880ComboReview
E 30"32 x 4 x 416511.966013800Flood/Spot/ComboReview
E 38"40 x 4 x 420915.147617480ComboReview
E 40"42 x 4 x 422015.948018400Flood/Spot/ComboReview
E 50"52 x 4 x 427519.9310023000Flood/Spot/ComboReview