Rigid Industries 28 Inch E-Series LED Light Bar Review

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A look at the beautifully crafted design of the 28 inch Rigid LED light bar and its dual rows of bright LEDs.

Features List

  • Patented Hybrid Optics
  • Spot / Flood Combo
  • 50,000+ Hr LED Lifespan
  • Instant On / Off – No Warm Up
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Over / Under Voltage Protection
  • Durable Polycarbonate Lens
  • Integrated Thermal Management
  • GORE® Pressure Equalizing Vent
  • Designed, Engineered, & Assembled in the USA
  • Watts: 154
  • Amp Draw: 11.16
  • LED’s: 56
  • Raw Lumens: 12880
  • Lux @ 10m: 3810
  • Beam Distance: 1234 m
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 380,950 cd



This durable, ultra-bright LED light bar is one of the mid-sized lights in Rigid’s E-series line and is capable of producing an impressive 12,880 lumens of brilliant white light. Made with Rigid’s patented hybrid-optics, the light is able to better direct the light that the bulbs produce, making for a more fine-tuned beam angle.

Along with this, the 28” E-Series also comes equipped with plenty of innovations to ensure it is extremely durable, resulting in a 50,000+ average lifespan and a lifetime warranty on the light bar.

28 Inch E-Series Flood LED Light Bar
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The 28” E-Series is an exceptionally bright light that is also made to be durable enough to handle most any condition. Its tough, made-in-the-USA construction gives the light a 50,000+ hour life span that is the best in the industry today. Finally, the 28” E-Series has a sleek and attractive design that make it a great addition to any vehicle.


Rigid LED light bars are not cheap, and though their quality is superb, there are more affordable options available. Without a doubt, this 28” E-Series is among the best and brightest lights you will find today, and if you can afford it, is an excellent light to consider. If it is out of your price range, though, there are other great lights available for less.


The 28 inch rigid LED light bar is a super bright light that is fully equipped with cutting-edge innovations and made with tough-as-nails durability. Its sleek design make it an appealing customization, and the quality of its optics and LEDs make it able to fully light up a dark road. If you’re searching for a great mid-sized light bar, this great LED light bar is worth considering.

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