Rigid Industries 10″ E-Series LED Light Bar Review

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 10 inch E-Series LED combo
Rigid Industries’ 10 inch E-Series light bar is a great, mid-sized light for people wanting an LED light bar that is bright enough to light up the road like it was day while still compact enough to mount most anywhere.

Overall, the 10 inch E-Series is yet another spectacular light offered by Rigid Industries.

Features List

  • Patented Hybrid Optics
  • Spot / Flood Combo
  • 50,000+ Hr LED Lifespan
  • Instant On / Off – No Warm Up
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Over / Under Voltage Protection
  • Durable Polycarbonate Lens
  • Integrated Thermal Management
  • GORE® Pressure Equalizing Vent
  • Designed, Engineered, & Assembled in the USA
  • Watts: 65
  • Amp Draw: 4.71
  • LED’s: 20
  • Raw Lumens: 5740
  • Lux @ 10m: 1500
  • Beam Distance: 775 m
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 150000 cd

10 inch E-Series LED combo


The light’s patented optics and ultra-bright LEDs make it one of the most luminous light bars on the market for its size, and its durable construction make it suited for even the harshest conditions.

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Still considered a compact light, the 10 inch E-Series is extremely bright for how compact it is, capable of producing 5,740 total lumens.

Its patented hybrid optics and twin rows of ultra-bright LED bulbs make it one of the brightest compact lights that you can buy.

Combine that brightness with the durability and quality-of-construction that Rigid Industries’ LED light bars are renowned for and you have a light that is well worthy of a spot on your vehicle.


As the size increases, so does the cost. Rigid’s 10 inch light bar is still considered compact, but it is not nearly as cheap as many of its competitors. The light is a good hybrid size between small and large, however, depending upon your intended purposes, you may want to consider going smaller or larger.


If you are looking for a light that is compact enough for any application yet big enough to get noticed, the 10 inch E-Series is an excellent light to consider. Its high quality LEDs, patented, hybrid optics, and highly durable construction make it one of the best lights in the industry. All said, the 10 inch E-Series is a powerfully bright light bar that would make a great addition to most any vehicle.

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E 10"12 x 4 x 4654.71205740Flood/Spot/Diffuse/ComboReview
E 20"22 x 4 x 41107.97409200Flood/Spot/ComboReview
E 28"30 x 4 x 415411.165612880ComboReview
E 30"32 x 4 x 416511.966013800Flood/Spot/ComboReview
E 38"40 x 4 x 420915.147617480ComboReview
E 40"42 x 4 x 422015.948018400Flood/Spot/ComboReview
E 50"52 x 4 x 427519.9310023000Flood/Spot/ComboReview