OPT7 LED Light Bars

OPT7 has made a highly successful business out of producing light bars that are among some of the most affordable available while still producing as much light as their more expensive competition.

OPT7 LED light bars comes equipped with powerful Cree LEDs and a heavy-duty construction that has allowed the lights to maintain an impressive IP67 security rating. In spite of this, OPT7 LED lights are magnitudes less expensive than most any other lights you will find.

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best OPT7 LED Light BarsThis combination of affordability and quality has made them an extremely popular choice among motorists today.

Maintaining this powerful combination has been the mission of OPT7 ever since their founder grew tired of having to either choose between spending thousands of dollars on a great light or purchasing a poor one for less.

Using his background in stage lighting, the OPT7 founder set out to remedy the problem in 2006 and has never looked back.

Thanks to the unique combination of brightness, durability, and affordability offered by an OPT7 light bar, the company has recently claimed the title of the number one best seller of automotive lighting on the market today.

OPT7 LED Product Lines and Products

OPT7’s catalogue includes a wide range of LED automotive lighting solutions, including LED headlights and LED accent lights for both the inside and outside of the vehicle.

It is their line of LED off-road light bars, however, that remain their most popular products. OPT7 LED lights come in three different series: the C1 Series, the C2 Series, and the xMount Series.

C1 Series light bars come equipped with Cree LEDs that are capable of producing 195 lumens per LED and are available in sizes ranging from 8 inches all the way up to 50 inches.

Other features of OPT7’s C1 Series include an IP67 rating, oversized fins to improve air circulation and cool the light, an aluminum heatsink, silicone impact bases to absorb road vibration, a spot and flood combination beam pattern, and a 30,000 hour average lifespan.

With the C2 Series, OPT7 set out to improve on the design of the C1 light bars by making the light more durable and giving it a longer average lifespan.

Thanks to an improved heatsink and an improved cooling design, the OPT7 C2 LED light bar has an average lifespan of 50,000+ hours while still retaining all of the great features of the C1 Series such as the ultra-bright Cree LEDs and OPT7’s Advanced Bright technology.

Lastly, OPT7 produces a selection of bright, durable LED light pods in the xMount Series. Like the company’s light bars, xMount LED pods are equipped with Cree LEDs, have an IP67 security rating, and a tough, durable construction.

OPT7 LED Key Features

very best OPT7 LED Light BarsThere are a lot of cheap, imitation light bars on the market. OPT7 LED light bars are not these. In fact, OPT7 LED lights are just as high quality as the much more expensive lights you will find.

OPT7 is quoted saying, “We’re not Rigid. We’re reasonably priced,” basically insinuating that the only difference between a Rigid LED light bar and an OPT7 LED light bar is the price.

While this is debatable, there is no doubt that OPT7 offers a lot of bang for your buck.

The Cree LEDs alone are worth the cost, and the construction of their products is on par with any automotive lighting company.

If you are still doubting that a great LED light bar could really be so inexpensive, just read an OPT7 LED light bar review.

Motorists everywhere praise these lights for their brightness and durability, proving that you really can get a high-quality LED light bar for cheap if you know where to look.

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OPT7 LED Light Bars

Final Words

OPT7 has made it their mission to provide superb quality light bars an at unbelievably affordable price, and judging by the abundance of glowing reviews that OPT7 LED light bars have, it is a mission they have been highly successful at.

OPT7’s lights are comparable in brightness and durability to the best in the industry, yet their prices are on average three to five times less. If you are wanting to get the most value for your dollar, OPT7 is the company to buy from.

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