Off Road LED Light Bars for Truck

LED Light Bars for Trucks

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Off road driving is a great pastime and has long enjoyed a wide degree of popularity among outdoor enthusiasts. In particular, off road driving at night has become increasingly common. Driving on a backroad trail in the middle of the night offers its own unique set of thrills and challenges.

In order to light up the road plenty bright enough to see what you are doing (and to give their truck an appealing customization) many off road drivers choose to mount an off road LED light bar on their vehicle.

Choosing, buying, and mounting an LED light bar on your truck can be a confusing process, but armed with the right info about how these lights work you can go out and purchase the best LED light bar for you.

Top Brands Selling Light Bars for Trucks

If you are looking for a light bar for truck, then it is important to buy from a reputable and well-reviewed brand. Here are a handful of the top brands selling LED light bars for trucks:

Extreme LED Light Bars

Extreme Led Light Bars are recognized name today and it is hard to refute their status as the king of LED light bar companies. They are known for producing the durable LED light bars making them especially popular with people who are purchasing an LED light bar for trucks that are used in off road driving.

Part of this durability comes from the fact that the company torture tests all of their lights to make sure they can survive in the most difficult environments. Extreme light bars have a lengthy average lifespan and all come equipped with Cree LEDs—the best and most innovative bulbs available today.

This much quality means that their lights are not going to be cheap, but it does mean they are well worth the cost.

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Eyourlife is another company that makes great, bright light bars that come equipped with Cree LEDs. Unlike Rigid, Eyourlife LED light bars are incredibly affordable.

These lights may not be as durable as Rigid light bars, but they are nearly just as bright and come at a cost that is affordable on any budget. If you want to outfit your truck with a great off road LED light bar, then Eyourlife is the best brand to consider.

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Vision X

Vision X is a great company to buy an off road light bar from. They are known for building lights that are extremely durable and made to last. Along with this, they have a wide selection of various lines of light bars to choose from, giving you plenty of options as to how your light bar will look, how bright it will be, and how much it will cost.

Vision X light bars are so durable and reliable that their light bars have in fact been used by both the US military and by NASA. Like Rigid, they are one of the most respected names in the industry and are making some of the best LED truck light bars you will find.

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If you are looking for one or more compact LED light pods to mount on your vehicle instead of standard light bar then KC is the company of choice. KC makes both halogen, HID, and LED light pods, but it is their off road LED lights that are arguably the best.

These compact lights burn incredibly bright, are well-constructed, and give you great alternative that is worth considering. Likewise, if you are looking for non-LED lighting then KC is known for making some of the best alternatives on the market today.

The company is known for striving towards innovation, and their lights have certainly benefited from the technologies they have designed.

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Tips for Buying an Off Road Light Bar

Tip #1 Purchase Either a Flood or Combination Light Bar

LED light bars for trucks that are going to be used primarily in off road driving need to have bulbs with either a floodlight beam pattern or at least a combination of both spotlight and floodlight bulbs.

The reason for this is that when driving off road it is important to illuminate the sides of the road just as much as it is the road ahead of you. Poorly maintained roads and trails are likely to have obstructions such as rocks and fallen trees.

Since you are in less populated areas, there is also an increased risk of deer and other animals crossing the road in front of you. In order to full illuminate these hazards, look for off road LED lights that have a wide beam pattern that fully illuminates the sides of the road.

Since off road driving involves slower speeds, illuminating far down the road is less important, meaning that you can safely sacrifice a little distance for wider illumination.

Tip #2 Durability is Key

Off road driving is nothing like traveling down a smooth, paved highway. There are jarring bumps and deep potholes, pools of mud and branches slapping at your vehicle.

To survive these conditions, your truck LED light bar needs to be built as durable as possible. One way to judge a light’s durability is to look at the quality of the materials that have been used in its construction. Choosing to buy from a reputable, well-reviewed brand is also a good step to take.

For example, Rigid Industries is known for thoroughly torture testing their lights and Rigid’s light bars for trucks are reviewed as being incredibly durable. Lastly, take a look at the IP code of the light. This code tells how resistant it is to intrusion from both solid particles and from water.

Tip #4 Read an Off Road LED Light Bar Review to Find Out More About a Light

Customer reviews are the most powerful tool consumers have today when searching for any kind of product, and LED off road light bars are no exception.

In order to find the best LED offroad lights, it is important to read through a few of these reviews. There, you can gain valuable, unbiased insight on how the light actually performs.

If you are able to find a video review of the light, you may even have the chance to see it in use. This type of information is extremely helpful for narrowing down your search.

Tip #5 Check the Light’s Amp Draw

Running your battery dead is never fun, no matter where you are. If you are on a backroad miles away from anyone or anything, though, it can be especially bad. For smaller lights, you shouldn’t have any concern.

If you are using a massive off road light bar, however, there is the risk of draining your battery, depending on how much else you are running at the same time (for example, you radio, headlights, phone charger, etc.).

Some lights, especially those equipped with highly energy efficient bulbs such as Cree LEDs, are made to have a lower amp draw. Picking one of these isn’t a necessity, so long as you are careful, but choosing a light with a lower amp draw does give you a little peace of mind.

Tip #6 Learn About Lumens

Getting a handle on how bright a lumen, the unit used to gauge a light’s brightness, is will help you understand just how bright an LED light bar is.

Understanding just what a lumen is and what it means is a lot more vague than units of measurement such as length and weight.

The value of knowing a light’s lumen output, therefore, lies in comparison. By knowing how many lumens a light can produce, you can compare it against other lights to see how it stacks up. Remember too, though, that the optics inside the light are equally important.

Having the light distributed in the right direction can make it appear to be much brighter.

Tip #7 Two Lights are Better than One

If given the choice between buying one really large light bar or two smaller ones, you may want to consider buying the two smaller ones. One reason for this is that it allows you to angle the lights in slightly different directions, allowing for maximum illumination.

Also, many people prefer the way having more than one light bar makes their vehicle look and like the options it gives them in their mounting arrangement.

Whether or not to mount multiple lights is really a matter of personal preference, but it is an option to keep in mind when looking for the best LED offroad lights.


If you drive off road then having adequate lighting is highly important. Good off road light bars will not only help you get safely to where you want to go, they will also give your vehicle a great new look and are loads of fun to use.

By paying attention to a few key factors and choosing to buy from a high quality company such as Rigid, Vision X, or any of the others mentioned, you should have no trouble finding the best off road LED light bar for you!