Marine LED Light Bars

LED light bars are extremely popular for off road driving, but they are also great for when there isn’t even a road at all. Dark, nighttime waterways can present just as many or more hazards than an off road trail, making sufficient lighting highly important.

In order to set a boat up to be the ultimate vehicle for nighttime fishing and other activities, many people choose to equip it with a powerful marine LED light bars. Finding the best boat LED light bar, however, can sometimes be tricky, as there is a lot to consider when purchasing lights for marine use.

In this guide, we will take a look at the top tips for selecting a marine LED light bar and review a selection of the best marine LED lighting options on the market today.

Top Marine LED Lights

Rigid RDS-Series

The RDS series of LED light bars is one of Rigid’s primary lines of lights, and they are the best marine lights that you will find on the market today. The RDS series has all of the great features as Rigid’s flagship E-Series but with an attractive curved design that gives you even more light dispersion.

These lights also have a tough outer coating that is made to survive even the harshest marine conditions and a rating of IP68, making them entirely waterproof.

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Plasma LED Gen3 Series

The Gen3 series is a line of marine specific LED light bars that are among the highest quality you will find today. The Gen3 series uses ultra-bright and energy efficient Cree LEDs. Along with this, they are incredibly durable, built with shatterproof glass and having an IP rating of IP68.

The white exterior housing is equally tough and is the optimal color for matching most boats. All in all the Gen3 light bars are great lights to consider.

Vision X Xmitter Series

Vision X light bars are so durable and reliable that they are trusted by both NASA and the US military, and their advanced optics produce some of the brightest light you will ever see out of an LED light bar. It is their waterproofing and durability though that make them such great marine light bars.

The Xmitter series is the most popular line of lights that the company sells and contain many great innovations. Find a combination Xmitter light and your boat will be set for even the darkest night.

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Top Tips for Buying a Marine LED Light Bar

Tip #1 Check the IP Rating

Waterproofing is important with any LED light bar, but with one that you are putting on a boat it is crucial. In order to tell how well protected a light is against both water intrusion and intrusion from fine particles such as dust and sand, check the light’s IP rating.

The IP rating is a code that has the letters “IP” followed by two digits. It is from these two digits that you can tell how waterproof and dustproof the light is. For marine LED lights, it is best to look for a light that has a rating of either IP68 or IP69. Both of these ratings to some degree mean that the light is safe from complete submersion, which is what you want in a marine light.

Tip #2 Look for a Combination Beam Pattern

When you are out on the water, having both long distance and widespread illumination is equally important.

Long distance illumination can help you find the specific spot on the water that you are looking for and alert you to hazards well ahead of time while widespread illumination can help you see what you’re doing and alert you to nearby hazards. For this type of application, a light bar with both spot and flood bulbs is preferred.

Tip #3: Check the Amp Draw

No one wants to be stranded with a dead battery in the middle of a lake at night. It’s an unsettling scenario, but it is one that is easily avoided if you pay attention to the amp draw of your light. A lower amp draw means that the light uses less power, decreasing the chances of you draining your boat’s battery.

LED light bars that have high efficiency bulbs such as Cree LEDs usually have a very low amp draw. Look for one of these to ensure that your boat will always start when you turn the ignition.

Tip #4: Read Customer Reviews

Reading customer feedback is a great way to learn more about a boat LED light bar. Customer reviews provide you with honest, unbiased feedback about how the light performs and are a great way to learn more about the light you are considering. Read up on a few before you decide which light is best for you.


Finding a great marine light bar can require a little bit of searching, but there are fortunately several great options to choose from. If you are wanting to light up the water ways with daylight-like clarity, then follow the tips in this guide and purchase a great marine LED light bar.