LED Work Light Bars

LED Work Light Bars

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Sometimes, just because the sun sets doesn’t mean that the job ends. In these situations you will want to have powerful LED work light bar that will light up your workplace and let you operate with the same efficiency as if it was daylight.

In order to find a light that lets you do this, there are several factors that you will want to keep in mind. In this guide, we will look at the top tips for finding an LED work light as well as reviews of the best LED work light bars available today.

Top LED Work Light Bars

Vision X Shockwave Industrial Light

Vision X Shockwave Industrial Light

Vision X lights are renowned for their performance, and the Shockwave series is the company’s best line of LED work lights. This light features universal mounting options that include the ability to mount it to an integrated power supply.

The bulbs are very energy efficient, and the light has a low power consumption. The Shockwave 12 inch double row light weighs just a little under 6 pounds, and two offset rows of bulbs give you a total of 150 degrees of bright, white illumination. The Shockwave lights are some of the most popular choices today in the realm of great LED work light bars.

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Opt7 Square Auxiliary Light Pod

Opt7 Square Auxiliary Light Pod

This Opt7 work light pod is by far one of the most affordable options you are going to find. If you are looking for a great deal on a good work light then the Square Auxiliary light pod is by far the best bet. This portable and affordable light pod comes equipped with ultra-bright Cree LEDs.

Along with being bright, Cree LEDs are very energy efficient, giving the light a low amp draw. Finally, the heavy duty construction with a sturdy aluminum housing and steel mounting brackets ensures that this set of two light pods can survive most any worksite conditions.

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Tuff LED Lights Work Lamp

Tuff LED Lights Work Lamp

The Tuff LED Work Lamp is another extremely affordable lighting option. Along with being low-cost, this light pod is also incredibly durable, coming with a shake-proof, rustproof, and temperature resistant housing. The 4 inch light is able to produce a total of 2,150 lumens of bright white light, all while being very energy efficient.

The kit comes with all of the hardware necessary to get your light up and running, and the Tuff LED Work Lamp weighs just 2 pounds in total. This light pod is the complete package for a great LED work light, all while being affordable on anyone’s budget.

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Top Tips for Buying an LED Work Light Bar

Tip #1: Look for a Floodlight

For lighting up a workspace, long distance illumination really is not going to do you much good. Instead, you will want a light bar that provides a flood of illumination that covers your entire workspace rather than a narrow beam of high intensity light.

For this type of application, a good LED light bar with floodlight bulbs is preferred. The wider beam angle of floodlights will give you more lighting coverage and let you completely illuminate your works area with far fewer lights.

Tip #2 Durability is Important

LED work lights are often not treated with the greatest of care. Not only do they have to be transported back and forth, the conditions on the worksite itself can be punishing. These lights are often bumped, knocked over, splashed with mud, and any number of other abuses.

In order to get a light that can survive these conditions, look for a light bar with a solid construction, high IP rating, and reputation for having top of the line durability.

Tip #3: Consider the Amp Draw

With a light bar that is hooked up to your vehicle, the motor is generally running, meaning that the battery is being constantly recharged. With a work light bar, though, this is often not the case.

Therefore, in order to keep from draining your battery, you will want to find a light with a relatively low amp draw. Most LED lights do have a low amp draw, especially if they are equipped with energy efficient bulbs.

Tip #4 Find a Relatively Portable Light

If you are going to be hauling your light bar back and forth to and around your worksite then it is important that the light be relatively easy to transport and set up.

Purchasing a tripod to mount your light on is a good way to make setting up the light quicker and easier, but it is also a good idea to look for a light that is not especially bulky. Usually, a smaller light pod or bar can light up a worksite just as good as a large one.


Fumbling around in the dark trying to figure out what you are doing is no longer necessary. With a bright LED work light bar, you can light up your workspace bright enough to see what you are doing at all times. Follow the tips in this guide, then go out and pick out a great LED light that will let you continue your work through daylight and dark.