LED Strobe Light Bars

LED Strobe Light Bars

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LED strobe lights are a vital part of any emergency vehicles and allow quicker response time to emergency situations and a better way to alert drivers to potential dangers. Without a good LED strobe light bar, ambulances, police cars, firetrucks, and construction vehicles would be unable to alert the public to their presence.

There are many aspects to consider when choosing an LED strobe light bar: the number of flash patterns, brightness, local laws, durability, and energy efficiency. In this guide we will look at the top tips for purchasing an emergency light bar as well as the best emergency lights available.

Top LED Strobe Light Bars

Federal Signal LED Warning Light


The Federal Signal LED Warning Light has over twenty different flash patterns – a wide variety for any construction vehicle. Its bright amber color will allow other vehicles to notice your presence on the road. This LED light comes with a 12VDC power source and polycarbonate housing material to protect the light.

The low price beats the price of many other LED light brands and the brand of Federal Signal is trusted for its durability and reliability.

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Whelen Engineering Century Series Super-LED Mini Lightbar

Whelen Engineering Century Series Super-LED Mini Lightbar

The LED strobe light bar made by Whelen Engineering comes with four linear corner modules with six super-LED lights in each module. This contributes to the brightness of this light bar, a fact attested to be several customer reviews.

There are also seventeen scan-lock flash patterns with a pattern override feature. The polycarbonate dome on the outer lens and compression fit gasket for increased moisture resistance contribute to this light’s durability.

Finally, the extruded aluminum platform allows for rugged dependability and a long average life span. The five year warranty, respected brand, and great product quality make this light an excellent choice to consider.

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Whelen Engineering LIN3 Series Super-LED Lighthead

Whelen Engineering LIN3 Series Super-LED Lighthead

Whelen Engineering makes another excellent LED strobe light with some different features than the Century Series. This light is designed for horizontal mounting and has a 12 VDC power source.

The ten scan-lock flash patterns provide a substantial amount of variety, and the steady burn feature allows for another choice for strobe light users. It also comes with a black surface mount that attaches to your vehicle. This is another great Whelen strobe light for emergency vehicles.

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Top Tips for Buying LED Strobe Light Bars

Tip #1: Look for a High Number of Flash Patterns

There is an immense advantage to buying LED strobe lights for trucks with a high number of different flash patterns. A wide range of flash patterns allows versatility for emergency vehicles in any situation.

This flexibility allows for the public to be more aware of the situation, for different flash patterns in a variety of situations increase the possibility to catch a driver’s eye. Alerting the public to an emergency situation allows for increased safety and response time.

Tip #2: Look for LED Lights Bright Enough for Daytime Use

Choosing an LED strobe light bar with bright LED lights is an obvious choice when considering LED strobe lights for trucks. Bright LED lights, similar to a wide variety of flash patterns, will make the public more aware of the emergency vehicle.

These LED lights must be bright enough for daytime use, allowing the emergency vehicle the opportunity to alert the public no matter what time of day it is. When there is an emergency situation in bright daylight, a bright enough LED light will still alert citizens of the presence of an emergency vehicle.

Tip #3: Consider the Local Laws

Local laws must be taken into consideration when purchasing LED strobe lights for trucks. Red and blue lights are illegal to place on your vehicle unless it is a police car, firetruck, or ambulance. As stated in the previous tips, emergency vehicles must make people aware of their presence on the road, a task accomplished in part by the color of their LED strobe lights.

Owners of construction and other types of vehicles interested in purchasing an LED strobe light bar would be wise to take the local laws into consideration before finalizing their purchase.

Tip #4: Read Customer Reviews

Taking customer reviews into consideration is a must when making any purchase but especially purchases that require a large financial investment.

Reading the reviews on a reliable website, such as Amazon or another seller of LED strobe light bars, will make you better informed before you make your purchase.

This simple task will allow you to read about the thoughts, opinions, and satisfaction of other customers who made the purchase of an item you are considering, giving you valuable information that may have not been included in the product description.


A good strobe light bar is the best way to get the attention of other drivers no matter the situation. By following the tips in this guide and purchasing a good strobe light, you can keep yourself and others safe no matter the situation.