LED Mini Light Bar

LED Mini Light Bar

Courtesy of Ryan Tir

Bigger isn’t always better. Whether you are on a budget and needing a highly affordable light or you simply do not have the space to mount a full sized light bar, there are plenty of great mini light bars for you to choose from. These lights are compact and affordable, yet still bright enough to completely light up a dark, nighttime road.

In this guide, we will look at the top tips for finding a great mini LED light bar as well as the top miniature light bars for sale today.

Top Mini Light Bars

Rigid 6” E-Series

This tiny yet powerful light bar is incredibly compact and, as far as Rigid lights go, affordable as well. In spite of the fact it houses only 12 LEDs, the 6” E-Series is still able to produce a total of 4,500 lumens of bright, white light.

This is thanks in part to Rigid’s patented Hybrid Optics technology as well as the ultra-bright Cree LEDs that they use. Known for durability under even the most extreme conditions, this light, like all of the lights Rigid makes, is built to last almost forever, with a 50,000 hour average lifespan and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

If you are looking for the brightest, most durable mini light that you can find then the 6” E-Series is an excellent choice.

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Vision X Xmitter Low Profile 5” LED Light Bar

The Xmitter Series is Vision X’s most popular line of light bars, and even the smallest lights in the series, like the 5” low profile version, burn incredibly bright. Vision X has outfitted this light with their most advanced optics to date, resulting in a light that is 90% optically pure.

Along with this, their new Xtreme LEDs produce nearly twice the light as the previous generation of bulbs. The result is a 5”, 3 bulb light bar that is able to produce a total of 1,584 lumens of light. Add to this an incredibly rugged design and top-of-the-line construction and you’ve got a mini light bar well worth considering.

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Eyeyourlife 12” Off-road Driving Light

You don’t have to spend a bundle of money to get a great LED light bar. The Eyeyourlife 12” Off-road driving light is one of the most affordable options you will ever find.

This light comes equipped with 24 ultra-bright Cree LEDs that are together able to produce a total of 4,800 lumens of light—a huge amount of brightness for a bar this compact and inexpensive. Along with being incredibly bright, this light bar has been awarded an IP68 security rating and is said to have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours.

It’s great, well-rounded option for those wanting to get a good, small-sized light bar for as little as possible.

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Top Tips for Buying a Miniature LED Light Bar

Tip #1: Look at the Brightness

Checking out how many lumens a light is rated for is an important thing to do no matter what type of light you are buying. When purchasing a mini light bar, though, it is even more crucial. Even if a light is cheap and portable, it doesn’t do much good if it isn’t even bright enough to notice.

As a reference, most high beam headlights are around 1,200 lumens, so anything over this is going to be useful. However, most good mini LED light bars are still at least twice this bright.

Tip #2: Consider your Mounting Options

When mounting an especially small light bar, the challenge isn’t finding the space to mount it but finding a place to mount it where it looks great and shines light at an appropriate angle. Often times, people choose to mount multiple mini lights rather than one big light bar.

This is done for both aesthetic reasons and to increase the overall brightness. Whether you are mounting one, two, or more mini lights, consider your mounting options before you make your purchase.

Tip #3: Buy a Light With Great optics

What is the number one way to make a small light that does not contain all that many bulbs seem incredibly bright? The answer is to equip it with cutting-edge optics.

High quality optics are able to completely direct the light in the direction it is supposed to go, making full use of what light is produced and causing the light to seem even brighter than it actually is.

There are several companies such as Vision X and Rigid Industries who have made strides in optic technology. Choosing one of their lights can make even a miniature light bar seem incredibly bright.

Tip #4: Read Customer Reviews

Before you purchase a light, be sure to check out what other customers have had to say about how well it actually performs. Customer reviews give you a window into the various opinions on a mini LED light bar as well as insight on information that may have not been included in the product description alone.

They are as a general rule entirely unbiased and are a great way to learn if the mini light you are considering is bright, durable, and easy to mount.


Even if you do not have the room (or budget) to mount a massive LED light bar, you can still equip your vehicle with a great looking light that will thoroughly light up the road ahead.

By following the tips in this guide and choosing from among the highest quality mini LED light bars, you can purchase a light that will keep you safe and give your vehicle a great new customization.