LED Light Bars for Other Vehicles

led tailgate light barLED light bars have many purposes and uses, and are not always just mounted on the front of a truck or jeep. A slim, low profile LED light bar can look great on a wide range of vehicles, while and LED brake light bar can be mounted on the back bumper of most any vehicle as well.

Often times, the best driving lights available are LED lights. In this guide, we will look at the top tips for finding a great automotive LED light bar for any type of vehicle as well as reviews of the best driving lights on the market today.

Top LED Light Bars for Other Vehicles

Vision X Xmitter Low Profile

The Xmitter Low Profile is the slimmed down version of the company’s wildly popular Xmiter series LED light bars. The Xmitter Low Profile lights come in a wide range of sizes and are extraordinarily bright.

Vision X has innovated some of the most advanced optics today to put into this line of lights, and the result is a light bar that is an incredible 90% optically pure. Combine this with a sleek, attractive design and a brand known for its toughness and reliability and you’ve got a light bar that is great to mount on any vehicle.

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Opt7 Underbody Lighting Kit

Underbody LED lights are a great way to give your vehicle an exciting new flare. Of the options for underbody lighting, the Opt7 Underbody Lighting Kit is the best option available. This kit comes with four separate light bars that are slim yet sturdy and very simple to mount.

Best yet, they are able to create a full spectrum of colors, giving you total control over what color your underbody lighting will be. If you are looking to give your vehicle an eye-catching customization the Opt7 Underbody Lighting Kit is an excellent choice.

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LEDGlow Tailgate LED Light Bar

If you are looking for a great tailgate light bar to put on your vehicle then the LEDGlow tailgate bar is a great choice. This light can shine either red like braking lights or bright white in order to give you plenty of illumination when you are going in reverse.

If you turn your blinker on, then just one side of the light bar flashes red in time with your blinker. It’s a versatile, all-in-one kit that looks great when attached to any vehicle. The LEDGlow Tailgate LED Light Bar is sleek and attractive yet durable enough to last, making it the best LED brake light bar that you can find.

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Top Tips for Finding and LED Light Bar for any Vehicle

Tip #1: Consider the Light’s Size and Shape

When picking a light bar for vehicles other than a truck or jeep, the size and shape of the light is very important. Not just any light bar will look good when mounted on an SUV or sedan. When choosing a light for vehicles such as these, it is important to look for slimmer and sleeker light that fits the style of the vehicle it is mounted on.

For this, a low profile LED light bar is the best bet. These lights are slimmer and have sharper angles than most lights, making them a better fit for many vehicles. Consider the style and design of the vehicle you are mounting the light on and choose a light that fits this style.

Tip #2: Decide Where you want to Mount the Light

There are plenty of options when putting LED lighting on your vehicle. You can put it on the front of the car to help you light up the road ahead, or you can mount an LED tailgate light bar in order to help you with backing up at night.

Underbody lighting is also a popular option. Deciding what type of light bar you are looking for is an important step to beginning your search for the best light.

Tip #3: Decide How you Will Mount the Light

When mounting a light bar on vehicles other than a truck, getting the light installed can often be tricky. Before you dive too far into your search for the best light bar, decide what type of equipment you are going to need in order to get it firmly mounted and correctly wired.

For the most part, this is a relatively hassle-free process, but you may find yourself having to do a little extra drilling and maneuvering to get your light where you want it. Look into how to mount your light ahead of time and it will save you time in the long run.

Tip #4: Read Customer Reviews

Before you purchase a light, be sure to look at what others who have purchased the light have had to say about how well it performs. Customer reviews can provide you with a ton of valuable information on the light that may or may not be listed in the product description.

They can also alert you to any flaws that the manufacturer might not be so quick to point out. Read up on a few of them before you make your decision.


No matter what type of vehicle you drive, there are some great LED lighting options that can make your vehicle look better and drive safer as well. By following the tips in this guide and choosing from some of the best options available, you can find the best driving lights for any car, truck, or SUV.