LED Light Bars for Motorcycles

Light Bars for MotorcyclesMotorcycles are great vehicles to customize, and adding one or more LED light bars to your motorcycle is great way to not only make it look great but also makes it much safer to drive. LED lights for motorcycles can be added to the front of the bike, the sides, or also there is the option to add motorcycle LED tail lights.

All of these can make the bike safer as well as more fun to drive, but in order to get the best LED lights for motorcycles you will want to pay close attention to several key factors. In this guide, we will look at the top tips to follow when searching for a great motorcycle LED light bar.

Top Tips for Choosing a Motorcycle LED Light Bar

Tip #1: Consider your Mounting Options

Since motorcycles are relatively slimmer and sleeker vehicles, it may not seem like there is much room to mount a light bar. However, there are several options that you have in choosing where and what type of LED lights you want to equip your bike with.

There is the obvious choice of adding a bright white LED light to the front of your motorcycle, but there is also the option to equip your bike with motorcycle LED brake lights.

Whatever type of light bar you are wanting to mount, it is best to consider your mounting options well ahead of time and decide what type of equipment you are going to need to get your light up and working. A little bit of preparation can save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Tip #2: Look for a Spotlight

LED light bars come in either spotlight, floodlight, or combination beam patterns. Each of these patterns have their own set of pros and cons that make them better suited for certain situations.

For using on a motorcycle, the best beam pattern is a spotlight. The reason for this is that spotlights illuminate far away objects much better than floodlights. They produce a narrower beam of light that reaches a much longer distance.

Since motorcycles are driven on paved roads at high speeds it is important to have long distance illumination whereas illuminating the sides of the road is far less important. For this type of use, spotlights are the preferred option.

Tip #3: Pay Close Attention to the Light’s Size

Before you ever even begin your search for a motorcycle LED light bar or a motorcycle LED brake light bar it is important that you measure the area where you want to mount the light. Along with measuring it, be sure to try and visualize how the light bar will look once it is mounted.

Just because a light bar will fit does not mean that it guaranteed to look exactly right. A light that is too large for where you are mounting it will not only look disproportionate but may also throw off the balance of your bike.

Paying close attention to how large your light bar is and carefully considering where you want to mount it will ensure that you get a light that fits your motorcycle just right.

Tip #4: Read Customer Reviews

Customer reviews provide highly valuable information on how well the light bar actually performs. Not only do they give you access to an unbiased evaluation of how bright, durable, and easy to mount the light is, they also may point out specifics of the light bar you might not have learned about otherwise.

Before you purchase motorcycle LED lighting, look up a few customer reviews on it and figure out what the overall customer opinion is on the light.

There are plenty of great light bars out there that receive excellent reviews. Choosing to buy one of these lights is a good way to better ensure that you will be satisfied with your light.


There are plenty of options and decisions you must make when choosing an LED light bar to mount on your motorcycle.

After you have decided where you want to mount your light, what type of light you are looking for, what size light you need, and have done plenty of research on how well reviewed the light is, you should be able to easily find motorcycle LED lights that will make your bike look great and drive safer—a great investment for any serious motorcycle enthusiast.

LED Light Bars for Motorcycles

LED Light Bars for Motorcycles