LED Fog Light Bars

LED Fog Light Bars

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Fog is by far one of the most dangerous conditions that you can drive in. A heavy fog is arguably even more dangerous to drive on than snow and ice. Part of what makes heavy fog so blinding is that rather than penetrating through, light from your headlights is actually reflected back into your eyes, making the road ahead all but invisible.

In order to make driving in these conditions safer, many people choose to equip their vehicle with a specially designed LED fog lights. In this guide, we will look at the top tips for buying a fog light bar as well as the top three LED fog lights for sale today.

Top LED Fog Lights

MicTuning Amber White LED Fog Light

MicTuning Amber White LED Fog Light

Amber lights may be optimized for fog, but the ability to switch back and forth between amber and white light gives you an immense amount of versatility. This is the feature that the MicTuning Amber White LED Fog Light offers and is one of the main reasons it is such a popular light bar.

Along with having this function, this light bar has an average lifespan of 30,000 hours of use, making it a very long-lasting option as well. At 9,600 lumens in the 21.5” combo beam pattern light, the Amber White LED Fog Light is plenty bright enough for any driving condition, including thick fog.

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Rigid Industries D-Series Fog Light Set

Rigid Industries D-Series Fog Light Set

The name Rigid alone makes these lights worth considering. Rigid is a company known for producing extremely durable and constantly reliable lights. In creating the D-Series, the company set out to make the best LED lights for driving in the fog.

The result is a pair of LED light pods that are completely optimized for use in heavy fog. They cast a wide yet penetrating beam that is incredibly bright and are easy to mount in an angle that tilts them down toward the road in the front of your vehicle.

On top of this, the D-Series comes with a lifetime warranty and the backing of the most recognizable LED light bar brand in the industry.

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Opt7 LED Fog Light Pod

Opt7 LED Fog Light Pod

Opt7 is a high quality brand renowned for how affordable their lights are. The Opt7 Fog Light Pod is yet another product in their catalogue that is priced well below what you would generally pay for a light of its quality. This light is equipped with ultra-bright Cree LEDs that are also very energy efficient.

The lights are sold in pairs of two and are easy to mount in the optimum position for driving in the fog. Opt7 also produces covers that can be attached to the front of the light in order to change its color to amber, allowing you to switch back and forth for when there are foggy conditions.

If you are wanting a great deal for your money then the Opt7 LED Fog Light Bar is a great choice.

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Top Tips for Buying an LED Fog Light Bar

Tip #1: Buy an Amber Light

Part of the reason that light from ordinary headlights is reflected back into the driver’s eyes during heavy fog is the nature of white and yellow light. Amber light, on the other hand, is far more penetrating, making it the preferred choice for driving in fog, heavy dust, snow, and other low visibility conditions.

Thankfully, many of the best light bars come with the option of having amber LEDs, so you won’t have to look very hard to find a good amber LED light bar.

Tip #2: Mount the Light Angled Down

If you are driving in heavy fog, you are not going to be able to light up the road for a very long distance no matter what type of light bar you have. Instead, it is much better to have the light angled in such a way that the light is pointing down a little more at the road directly in front of you.

Thoroughly lighting up the road just in front of your vehicle provides you with enough visibility to safely navigate even the thickest fog.

Tip #3: Look for a Combination Beam Pattern

When driving in heavy fog, having both widespread and penetrating illumination is equally important. Spot beams have the ability to better cut through the fog while flood beams are better for lighting up the whole road and illuminating any potential hazards.

In order to get the benefits for both beam patterns, you will want to equip your vehicle with a light bar that has both spot and flood bulbs. This type combination light is generally the best for every situation, not just fog, so these lights are quite popular and relatively easy to find.

Tip #4 Read Customer Reviews

One great way to learn more about an LED fog light bar is to read customer reviews. Customer feedback gives you insight into how well the light actually performs in foggy conditions and provides you with plenty of details that the product description alone may not have included.

Before you make your decision, be sure to read through what other people have had to say about how the light performs.


Driving in heavy fog is never going to be completely safe, but if you must be on the road in a fog then it is important to have the proper lighting equipped. By following the tips in this guide and purchasing a great light bar you will be prepared for any low visibility condition.