KC LED Light Bars

Since 1970, KC has been producing high-quality lighting for off-road vehicles, being one of the first companies to come onto the off-road lighting scene. Beginning with the Daylighter, KC has since gone on to develop a large number of innovative lighting solutions.

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The company produces both halogen, HID, and LED automotive lights, though it is the ultra-bright KC LED lights that have enjoyed the most popularity as of late.

KC LED Light Bars-

Today, KC describes their mission as bringing automotive lights that have been rigorously tested and designed with performance in mind to drivers all over the world, all the while delivering an exceptional level of customer service and providing lighting education to better help their customers make the right decisions.

Judging by the quality of KC’s catalogue and the recognition they enjoy among professional off-road motorists, it is easy to see that this mission has been successful and that KC LED light bars will remain an industry standard for many years down the road.

Product Lines and Products

KC sells a large variety of halogen, HID, and LED light bars.

The first and most popular KC HiLiTES LED light bar that the company still sells is the Daylighter. The six inch diameter Daylighter light pod comes with a durable stainless steel housing that contains a powerful 20W bulb capable of producing 2,104 lumens.

The light also is equipped with KC’s patented Gravity Reflective Diode, a technology that allows for maximum light output and the ability to precisely configure the beam pattern to the desired angle.

KC also offers one of the most durable lights on the market in their Carbon Pod. This HID light pod is protected by a carbon fiber pod that gives it the strength necessary to stand up to the most punishing off-road racing conditions.

The KC Slimlite is one of the sleekest light pod designs you can find. Made with a thin casing that can be mounted almost anywhere, these six inch diameter light pods are still capable of producing a great amount of light.

The self-proclaimed flagship of KC’s line, however, is the Gravity Series. The Gravity Series contains a large list of LED light pods, available in many shapes and sizes, all of which are equipped with Gravity Reflector Diode technology as well as several other key innovations that make them some of the brightest, most efficient LED lights on the market today.

While KC produces a variety of halogen and HID lights, if you are wanting an authentic KC LED light bar, the Gravity Series is where you’ll want to look.

KC LED Key Features

While KC is focused on creating LED light pods rather than typical light bars, their lights are still some of the best and brightest available.

The company has fine-tuned what it takes to get the most light output out of a circular reflector design and has also managed to design several of the most durable light pods you can find.

All of their lights are stocked full of the latest technology and manufactured using materials and processes that are industry-leading in their quality.

Though you may not be able to find a typical, rectangular light bar from KC, if a superbly-bright and durable light pod is what you are looking for, then KC is the company of choice.

Along with this, KC is one of the best companies to go to for HID and halogen automotive lights. While LEDs are a highly effective choice, halogen and HID lights still have their advantages, and of the companies still producing these lights, KC is one of the best.

Their HID and halogen light pods are equipped with just as much innovative technology as any of their LED lights, making them some of the most popular non-LED lighting options available today.

Terrible Herbst and KC HiLiTES - Light Testing for the Baja 1000

KC LED Light Bars

Final Words

KC LED lights (as well as the company’s halogen and HID lights) are extremely bright and durable lights, with a hard-earned reputation of outshining and outlasting their competition.

The circular light pods that they offer are some of the most popular choices to be mounted on jeeps and other vehicles, and the lights are fully equipped with a host of innovative technology.

If you are searching for ultra-bright light pods to light up the road, KC makes plenty of excellent options to consider.

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