How to Choose an LED Light Bar or LED Light Pod Mounting Location

Before you ever even start to seriously search for what LED light bar (or pod) you want to buy, it is important to determine where you would like to mount your light on your vehicle.

This may seem like a choice that is entirely personal preference, but there are actually several important factors to consider, including your budget, technical abilities, and what you intend to use your light. In order to help you determine where you want to mount your LED light bar, here are each of the options you have and the various pros and cons of each:

The Front Bumper

The Front BumperThe front bumper is the most common place to mount an LED light bar and is also the easiest location to mount a light. Even if there are not already holes that have been pre-drilled in your bumper (which often times there are) drilling them yourself is relatively easy.

Wiring is also easier if you mount your light on the front bumper. Another advantage of mounting a light bar on your front bumper is that you have the room to mount most any size light that you want. Really, the only disadvantage of mounting your light on the front bumper is that the light produced will be coming out at the same angle as you headlights.

Multiple angles of illumination results in wider coverage of the road ahead, and having your light at the same angle as your headlights may make it not seem quite as bright. It’s not a huge disadvantage and for most people it does not outweigh all of the other pros of mounting an LED light bar on the front bumper.

The Lower Windshield

Cree Led Light BarIf you are looking to mount a pair of LED light pods then the lower windshield is a great location to consider. Mounting lights on your lower windshield gives you multiple angles of illumination, resulting in greater visibility.

Mounting lights here is a little more difficult than it is to mount a light on the front bumper and may require some additional hardware to get the job done.

This location does not allow for very large lights, but again, it is perfect for mounting two separate LED light pods. If you don’t mind a little extra hassle getting the lights mounted then it is a great location to mount your light pods.

Above the Windshield 

The Lower WindshieldFirst of all, mounting above the windshield allows you have room for whatever size light bar you want. If you are wanting to mount a giant 50 inch light bar then this may be the best location. Plus, like the lower windshield mount, putting a light bar above the windshield gives you multiple angles of illumination.

In fact, it gives you the greatest possible difference in angles, resulting in the best possible visibility. The only real drawback to putting a light here is that it is a little more difficult to mount and wire and may require some additional equipment. If you are wanting to get the maximum amount of visibility out of your light bar though then the extra time may be well worth it.

A Combination

Off Road LED Light Bars

Two lights are often better than one, and if you are mounting more than one light bar then you have plenty of choices as to how you will arrange your setup.

Not only does mounting two lights in two different locations give you twice as much raw light, it also gives you powerful illumination from two different angles. Plus, having multiple lights mounted on your vehicle is a great way to give it a truly unique customization.

Having plenty of options as to where you will mount your light is great. Pick the one that suits you best, then get your LED light bar up and shining!