Federal Signal Light Bars

For over fifty years, Federal Signal has been providing cutting-edge lighting solutions to emergency personnel across the globe. Their large catalogue of light bars for firefighters, police officers, DOT officers, and road construction workers is full of products that are renowned by professionals in the field as being more effective and durable than the competition.

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Federal Signal Amber Light Bars

Despite being one of the oldest companies still producing emergency lighting, Federal Signal is still equipping and updating their products on a routine basis with the latest technological innovations. This ideology of continual upgrade has allowed them to remain a leader in the industry ever since they began production and has made Federal Signal light bars synonymous with quality and effectiveness.

If you want to purchase an emergency/warning light from a company that has proven to produce products that help make the roads safer for over half a century, Federal Signal is a great company to fit your requirements.

Federal Signal Product Lines and Products

Like many emergency light bar manufacturers, Federal Signal has sectioned off their catalogue of light bars based of their intended use. These sections include light bars intended for law enforcement, fire, DOT/municipal, construction, and ambulance personnel.


One of their most popular series of light bars for each of these functions is the Legend Series. The Legend Series consists of three light bars which are the Legend, the Legend LPX, and the Legend LPX Discrete. Features of this series include:

  • Optimized Solaris LED reflectors that maximize warning lights at 360-degrees and 90-degrees off-axis
  • Patented ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry) eliminates around 85% of the potential failure points
  • Ultra bright White LED takedowns and alleys available in main bar or HotFoot
  • FS Convergence Network provides “plug-n-play” installation
  • Lightbar can be reconfigured on the vehicle
  • Optional built-in SignalMaster™ directional warning
  • RS485 bus connection to simplify installation with only power, ground, and snap-in RJ-style connection
  • Three-button and six-button serial controllers available for light control only
  • Multiple lengths to fit a wide variety of vehicle sizes
  • LEDs offered in Amber, Blue, Green, Red and White
  • Top-dome colors are offered in Amber, Blue, Clear, and Red
  • Five-year LED warranty

Federal Signal produces this series of light bars in a variety of colors and flash patterns in order to optimize it for various uses, making it just as exceptional a choice for law enforcement as it is for a road construction worker.

Along with their highly popular Legend Series, Federal Signal produces a large catalogue of light bars for many different purposes and tastes. No matter what you need, chances are there is a Federal Signal light bar that is capable of meeting it.

Federal Signal Key Features

Federal Signal is a company known for churning out breakthroughs in emergency light bar technology.

Rather than sticking with what worked for them in the beginning, Federal Signal has continuously updated their catalogue throughout the years with cutting-edge new products, allowing them to continue to provide emergency personnel with high quality lighting for over fifty years.

During that time, some of the more notable advances Federal Signal has made in the light bar industry include:

  • Solaris® LED reflector design that maximizes the light performance of the LEDs and disperses the light where it is needed most.
  • ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuity®) technology that eliminates approximately 85% of the connection failure points that plague typical light bars.
  • PCB assemblies that reduce labor time.
  • SpectraLux™ multicolor LED technology which provides the ability for a single lightsource to change color while in use.
  • High performance reflector design to rotate the light 360 degrees.
  • The FS Convergence System to allow for “plug and play” instillation and control head programmability.

With technology such as these installed into all Federal Signal lights, Federal Signal’s product line continues to represent some of the most effective emergency lights on the market today.

Federal Signal Valor Lightbar - for officers who rank safety as their top priority.

Federal Signal Light Bars

What Customers Are Saying

Federal Signal light bars have a tendency to be very well-reviewed by customers who have purchased them. One of the common remarks about Federal Signal’s products is how durable they are. Emergency professionals are known to put their lights through strenuous conditions, yet there are almost zero complaints to be found about a Federal Signal light malfunctioning or breaking down. To compound this durability, Federal Signal offers a three year warranty on all of their products, though customers report their lights to almost always far outlast this warranty period.

Other features of Federal Signal’s light bars that are often brought up in customer reviews is how bright and visible they are. Many of Federal Signal’s most effective innovations have been focused on increasing the brightness of their lights, and judging by customer feedback, it would appear as if this is a goal that they have effectively achieved.

Across the board, professionals in the field of law enforcement, fire, EMS, and road construction seem to be very pleased with the lights they have purchased from Federal Signal, making the company one of the more trusted brands in the industry.

Final Words

Of all the companies focused on producing emergency/warning lights for emergency personnel, Federal Signal is without a doubt one of the most innovative of the companies still producing light bars today.

Their products are fine-tuned to be brighter, more durable, and easier to use than any of their competition, and the unwavering loyalty of the police officers, firefighters, road workers, and other emergency professionals all over the world is a testament to their quality.

While Federal Signal’s warranty may not be as lengthy as some companies, their products are said to last longer than almost any lights on the market today.

If you are in search of a bright, durable light full of cutting-edge and useful technological innovations, you should most certainly consider purchasing a light from Federal Signal.

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