Eyourlife LED Light Bars

Eyourlife is one of the smaller companies known for producing high quality LED light bars, with very little of a web presence for their products other than third-party retailers.

Eyourlife LED Light BarsDespite this, Eyourlife light bars are still heavily sought after in the off-road community and among other motorists, touted as being some of the brightest, most durable, and highly affordable LED light bars on the market today.

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Eyourlife LED light bar reviews are almost always full of praises, and the small company has carved itself out a recognizable, esteemed name in the automotive lighting industry.

If you are looking to purchase a bright, well-made LED light bar without having to spend a small fortune, Eyourlife is an excellent company to fill your needs.

Eyourlife Product Lines and Products

Rather than listing their light bars off into specific product lines with trademarked names, Eyourlife chooses to categorize their relatively large catalogue of LED light bars based off of size and specifications.

Which light bar you find will depend largely on what the retailer has in stock, however, all of Eyourlife LED light bars have a few important details in common.

For one, they are made using Cree LED bulbs. Without a doubt, Cree is the world leader for producing LEDs that shine blindingly bright without using nearly as much power.

Their team of engineers are constantly developing ways to make their LEDs burn brighter and be more efficient than any of their competition, and so far they have been entirely effective in their goals.

For instance, most of the Cree LEDs inside of Eyourlife’s LED light bars are 3W, compared to the more general 5W bulbs found in most lights.

Despite this, Eyourlife lights burn just as bright or brighter than any other LED light bars available today. All of their lights are made using a durable aluminum housing that offers the light good protection against the bumps and jars of an off-road outing.

Despite the many good qualities of Eyourlife’s products, there is one thing that really sets them apart—their price. Eyourlife lights are by far some of the most affordable light bars available today, excluding cheap, poorly-made imitation lights.

If you want to buy a great LED light bar on a budget, Eyourlife is by far the company of choice.

Eyourlife Key Features

Eyourlife Best LED Light BarBy using Cree LEDs, the best and brightest bulbs available, Eyourlife light bars certainly do not sacrifice anything as far as the brightness of their lights are concerned.

However, in order to keep the costs of their products as the most affordable on the market, Eyourlife does not pack their light with as much internal security as some brands.

For instance, the IP rating of Eyourlife light bars is IP67, which is a point to two points lower than much more expensive lights available from Rigid Industries and other companies, and the housing on Eyourlife isn’t quite as durable either. For most motorists, this will never be a problem.

A rating of IP67 still means that the light is able to survive full submersion in three feet of water, and the light’s aluminum housing is more than capable of protecting the internal components against most any practical application.

While it is important to note that Eyourlife lights might not be able to take as much abuse as some other lights, their cost alone can make it worth the sacrifice.

Eyourlife light bars cost several times less than their competition, meaning that even if you had to replace your light an unheard of number of three different times, you would still come out ahead.

This affordability combined with the unbeatable brightness of Cree LEDs make Eyourlife one of the most popular LED light bar companies around today.

Final Words

Eyourlife LED lights are the perfect choice for a motorist on a budget. Rather than resorting to cheap, knock-off brands in order to get a deal, purchasing an Eyourlife light bar allows you to get a great light while spending a relatively tiny amount of money.

Made with Cree LEDs, these lights are still able to shine as bright as any light available. You may not want to drive them through a swamp, and you may even want to be careful going high speeds in an extremely heavy thunderstorm, but Eyourlife lights are still built-to-last.

If you want to get a great, affordable light, an Eyourlife light bar is a great light to consider purchasing.

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