Emergency LED Light Bar

Having an LED light bar on your vehicle is a proven necessary step to grab the attention of others in an emergency situation. LED bars provide awareness, safety, and overall benefits to those involved, however, although there are plenty of these lights on the market, there are several factors to consider when purchasing an emergency LED light.

In this guide, we will outline the key features to look for when purchasing your new LED emergency light bar.

Top Emergency LED Light Bars

Whelen SlimLighter Super-LED Light bar

Whelen SlimLighter Super-LED Light bar

The Whelen SlimLighter Super-LED Light bar is an excellent, affordable option in its class. It features twenty-one different flash patterns in its slim profile.

This unit is very durable yet still offers top-of-the line brightness and noticeability, while having a low profile aerodynamic design so it will not be intrusive when mounted, ensuring your vehicle will not suffer in performance.

This is an easy purchase for those who know the brand, Whelen, who is a trusted company and a top choice for emergency responders.

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Code 3 Low Pro

Code 3 Low Pro

The Code 3 Low Pro Emergency Light Bar is a top option for top-of-vehicle mounted light bars. The Low Pro features twenty-three different flash patterns and variable pulses per minute.

The arrangement of these LEDs in this aluminum shell will ensure they can be seen during the daytime, as well as being long lasting. Touting a lamp durability of 100,000 hours of burn time, you can be assured that this code 3 light bar will last for the foreseeable future.

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Federal Signal HighLighter Mini-Light Bar

Federal Signal HighLighter Mini-Light Bar

Federal Signal, another leader in the industry, produces a highly affordable option for construction workers, or those in a similar profession or situation. This unit features a lightweight polycarbonate construction, which can be permanently mounted to any vehicle.

Produced with visibility in mind, it features 360-degree viewing angles as well as superior LED reflective technology to enhance daylight performance. Equipped with MagnaSelect, this light allows you to select from different flash patterns from its amber-tinted lenses.

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Top Tips for Buying an Emergency LED Light Bar

Tip #1: Look for Aerodynamic Features

Ensuring your emergency light bar is aerodynamic will assure that your vehicle will not suffer in performance while assuring you can be seen clearly and effectively. This feature is not solely about being produced in a certain shape that will allow wind to flow around it easily, and not creating drag.

Instead, being aerodynamic also includes the factor of material composition and weight. A lightweight material like aluminum is key for this purpose because of its rigidity and durability while still being lightweight.

Tip #2: Ensure the Lumen Rating is High Enough for Daylight Use

Confirming that a light bar has a high lumen count is essential in the buying process. An emergency light bar needs to be noticeable during both day and night operation so having a bright light is a necessity. Ensuring a high lumen count will better the chances of it being seen during the daylight.

However, this also should be paired with proper optics within the light bar. High quality, reflective optics that ensure light is directed to the proper location can make even a dim light bar seem bright.

Tip #3: Read Customer Reviews

Customer reviews provide a clear and non-bias look into the product and its successes, as well as its failures that might not be listed elsewhere. Don’t forget this step as product descriptions could leave out key information that personal reviewers wouldn’t hide from other consumers.

Tip #4: Look at Color and Flash Patterns

Comparing the different color flash patterns for emergency led lights is something to consider when buying the product. Light bars have different options for flash patterns and colors, which make a versatile option in all conditions.

Different types of vehicles require different types of flashes, so being able to switch between these, whether day or night, will greatly increase the versatility of a LED light bar.


Emergency LED Light Bar

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The best LED light bars are essential for any emergency or construction personnel because they communicate clearly to others to use caution and possibly to avoid the situation if necessary. These lights need to be bright and easily seen by all individuals, even those who are not specifically looking for them.

In this buying guide are outlined key tips to follow when purchasing an emergency light and top products to consider when shopping. Following this guide will ensure money is not wasted on products that will not perform and can help you in your search for a great LED emergency light bar.

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Emergency LED Light Bar