Code 3 Light Bars

When police, EMS first responders, firefighters, and other emergency personnel need to equip their vehicles with a bright, reliable light bar to get attention and clear traffic away from the scene, Code 3 is one of the top companies they turn to. Since being founded in 1974, Code 3 has become an industry leader in manufacturing high quality emergency/warning light bars.

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Their products can be found divided into three categories: Light bars for police vehicles, light bars for fire and EMS vehicles, and amber warning lights for road work and construction vehicles. All of these Code 3 lights are made in USA in St, Louis, Missouri and are renowned for their world-class brightness and durability.

Code 3 Light Bars

Code 3 distributes to over seventy different countries, giving their products the recognition of being trusted by emergency personnel around the world. If you are in need of a light bar that is proven to get attention and promote safety, Code 3 light bars are excellent products to consider.

Code 3 Product Lines and Products

Code 3 offers a wide range of light bars designed to suit any number of emergency vehicles. Rather than dividing their products into various lines, Code 3 designates their light bars based off of intended purpose. For each vehicle type, police, fire/EMS, and construction, they offer the same high quality light bars, the only difference being the LED colors and flash patterns.

Some of the most popular of these light bars are the Defender, the Triumph, and the Solex. Benefits of theSolex include an aerodynamic shape for improved vehicle performance and a cleaner look, a second level that allows for additional lighting to be added on, SIRIS LED lightheads that are designed for usage with a central controller board or to flash independently,and a tough, vibration proof aluminum housing.

Benefits of the Defender light bar include all-angle illumination and brighter LEDs for ensured visibility, continuous functionality if an individual lighthead should stop working, and more effective lightbar signal control with Dimming mode and independent front and back light operation.

Benefits of the Triumph light bars include two levels of LED lighting and varying angles for 360 degree illumination, a modern, curved design for a unique aesthetic appeal, and a line of bright, white LEDs in the center of the light bar for maximum brightness.

These three light bars represent the most popular Code 3 products for police, Fire/EMS and construction vehicles, however their full catalogue is much more comprehensive. No matter your intended use and specific needs, there is most likely a Code 3 light bar that will be able to meet them.

Code 3 Key Features

Code 3 has a history of rolling out groundbreaking innovations in the light bar market. Just an example of some of these innovations, taken from their website, include:

  • TriCore® technology which provides the brightest lighting technology on the market, available in the Defender light bar
  • PriZm® II Dual Reflector technology provides a brighter signal for superior visibility and safety, available in the RX 2700 light bar.
  • Siris™ LED technology: Structured Internal Reflector Illumination System—an extremely bright LED technology available in the Solex lightbar.
  • Torus LED technology: Total Internal Reflection technology. Available in single and multicolor and available in the 21TRlightbars.
  • The first two-level lightbar in the MX7000
  • The first integrated directional lighting system in the Arrowstick.
  • LED X™ optical technology provides incredibly bright, high visibility signals when viewed either straight on or off angle

Code 3 Best Light Bars

It is innovations such, along with their tireless customer service, that has sat Code 3 apart in the emergency light bar industry and has made Code 3 products the light of choice for emergency workers across the globe.

All of the Code 3 light bars for sale are fully equipped with technology that the company has worked for years to perfect, making them some of the most advanced lights that you will find.

Code 3 21TR / 21TR Plus Torus LED Lightbar

Code 3 Light Bars

What Customers Are Saying

One of the primary advantages of Code 3 light bars that customers seem to praise is their durability. Construction lights have a tendency to be put through a large amount of incidental abuse, and in order to survive very long on the job, a warning light has to be built to last.

Owners of Code 3 products have said to use them for years without ever having a problem. One customer said that he has used his warning light for a year for tree removal and salting roads and that the light has stood up to being immersed in salt and multiple knocks without ever malfunctioning.

Another aspect of light bars made by Code 3 that seems to be especially appreciated is the number of flash patterns that are available. For every situation, there exists a flash pattern to perfectly suit it, along with varying levels of brightness that allow the light to be bright enough to be visible in the daylight and dim enough to keep from blinding traffic at night.

Lastly, several customers have voiced how easy their light bar was to mount, saying that the mounting kit supplied attached to their vehicle perfectly and in a matter of minutes.

Final Words

Code 3 is a company that thrives on quality and innovation, allowing them to remain a leader in the emergency lighting industry for a little over forty years. All of their light bars are well-reviewed and are backed by Code 3’s manufacturer warranty.

If you are in the market for an emergency light bar that is equipped with innovations proven to get people’s attention, improve road safety, and stand up to the harsh abuse that the job can throw, purchasing a light bar made by Code 3 is a great option to consider.

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