Best Cree LED Light Bars Reviews for Your Off Road Truck

Why an LED Light Bar is the Best Choice?Cree LED light bars are extraordinarily bright while using less amp draw than any of the other options available. Because of this, they have become the number one choice for motorists who are looking for large, bright light that won’t drain their battery as soon as it is turned on.

However, since Cree sells their LED bulbs to a variety of different companies, not every Cree light bar is created equal. In this guide, we will look at what a Cree LED light bar is, the best companies that sells Cree light bars, and tips on finding a Cree LED for your off road vehicle.

If you want to ensure that you are getting a bright, high quality Cree LED, consider purchasing your light bar from one of these three brands:

Rigid Industries

Rigid Industries is that standard that all other light bar companies are compared to, so much so that their name alone is synonymous with quality. Rigid is known for torture testing their light bars to the limit in order to ensure that they will not fail under any condition.

Wanting to equip their lights with the best possible bulbs, Rigid has chosen to use Cree LEDs in all of their LED light bars. The quality of a Rigid light goes far beyond its great bulbs, however. These lights are extremely durable and have a longer life span than any of the competition.

The optics on them are spectacular, directing all of the light where it needs to be and resulting in more illumination. Rigid is not known for having cheap lights, and many of their products cost more than some people are able to spend. If it is within your budget however, this is the best company to buy a Cree LED light bar from.

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Eyourlife LED Light Bars

Unlike Rigid, Eyourlife light bars are incredibly affordable. Eyourlife is a smaller company that is not nearly as recognizable a name as some of the other top brands, but this does not keep them from making some great light bars. Reviews of Eyourlifelights praise them for their quality, brightness, and, best of all, price.

The fact that Eyourlife lights are so affordable makes it even more amazing that the company is able to outfit them with the best and most innovative bulbs available. All Eyourlife light bars use Cree LEDs, making them a great value for your money.

These lights may not have quite the same quality of construction and durability as Rigid lights, but they are just as bright and affordable on most any budget. If you are wanting to get a great deal on a Cree light bar then Eyourlife is the best company to buy from.

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Opt7 LED Light Bars

Opt7 is a renowned, reputable company known for producing some great LED light bars. They have a dedication to design and innovation that sets them apart from the competition.

Along with LED light bars, Opt7 makes LED automotive lighting that goes on the undercarriage of the vehicle and inside the wheel wells, letting you trick out your entire ride with LED lights. It is their Cree light bars that are their most popular products, though.

These light bars are both affordable and high quality, making them an excellent option to consider.

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What is a Cree LED Light Bar and Where is it Used?

What is a Cree LED Light Bar and Where is it Used?

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Many people assume that Cree is a company that manufactures their own brand of LED light bars, but this is not the case. Cree is a company that is dedicated to designing and manufacturing cutting-edge LED bulbs for a variety of applications.

Their advances in LED technology are superior to anything other companies have come up with, and the amount of innovations in their bulbs is incredible. The result is a bulb that burns brighter than the competition while still having a lower amp draw.

For this reason, Cree LEDs can be found in almost every type of lighting, from industrial to stage lighting. Their brightness and low energy consumption have also made them the most popular choice for placing inside of high quality LED light bars as well.

Many of the top LED light bar brands have formed a partnership with Cree that allows them to use their bulbs in their lights as well as market all of the advantages of having Cree LEDs. If you read through a handful of Cree LED light bar reviews, you will quickly see that these light bars are being placed on a variety of vehicles for a variety of uses.

Because of how bright they are, however, options such as the 40 inch Cree LED light bar are especially popular to mount on an off road vehicle. These lights can easily illuminate a backwoods trail, and since they require less amp draw, you can confidently mount a monster light such as the 50 inch Cree LED light bar without having to worry about your battery dying in the middle of nowhere.

What are the Benefits of Using the Best Cree LED Light Bars?

What are the Benefits of Using the Best Cree LED Light Bars?

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Simply put, Cree LEDs are the best bulbs in the industry today, and any light bar that has them equipped is going to have a serious advantage over the competition, so long as it is manufactured by a reputable brand.

LED light bars that use Cree LEDs burn much brighter—the biggest advantage that any light bar can have. Along with this, Cree LEDs require less amp draw to operate at their full potential.

If you are mounting a small light bar, this isn’t as big a concern, but if you are mounting a very large light bar such as the 52 Cree LED light bar, then the lower amp draw means you won’t have to worry about your battery being drained—an especially positive benefit if you are running your light with the motor off.

Cree is also known for outfitting their bulbs with all sorts of different innovations, making a Cree light bar a very advantageous purchase.

CREE Vs OSRAM LED Light Bar Comparison

Best Cree LED Light Bars Reviews for Your Off Road Truck

Tips on Choosing a Cree LED Light Bar

Tip #1: Buy Your Light Bar From a Reputable Brand

Since Cree does not make their own LED light bars, they must sell their bulbs to be used by other companies that do make light bars. While most all of the companies that Cree has a partnership with are known for making some high quality lights, it is still good to do your research and buy from a reputable brand.

Choosing to purchase a light bar from a brand such as Rigid, Eyourlife, or Opt7 will ensure that you get a great light bar that is the complete package and not just a poorly made light that happens to be equipped with great bulbs.

Tip #2: Choose What Size Light Bar Will Suit You Best

Cree LEDs are put into a large range of different sized lights. Whether you are wanting a small, 10 inch Cree LED light bar, a medium sized 24 inch Cree LED light bar, or even bigger, there are options available for you.

Where you are wanting to mount your light, how much you are willing to spend, and how much light you are wanting to produce all play a factor in determining how big of a light bar you need to purchase—whether that’s a small light pod or a blindingly bright behemoth light bar that stretches all the way across your vehicle.

Tip #3: Look at the Working Life of the Light

The working life of an LED light bar is how long it is expected to be able to run before the bulbs burn out. Most of the time, with quality lights, the working life of the bulbs is an immense amount of hours. Good Cree LED light bars usually have a working life of 30,000 to 50,000 hours.

This means that even if you ran your light for twelve hours a day, you could still expect it to last four years. Since most people won’t be using their light nearly this much, a good Cree light bar will often far outlast the vehicle it is mounted on.

Tip #4: Decide Which Beam Pattern you Want

All LED light bars come in either a spotlight beam pattern, a floodlight beam pattern, or a combination of both. Cree LED light bars are the same way, andwhich one serves you best will depend on what type of driving you are doing. Floodlights are best for off-road driving since that give you a wide beam of illumination.

This is useful in situations where there may be hazards at the side of the road, and since you are not going very fast in off road driving you don’t have to worry about illuminating the road a long distance in front of you.

Spotlights are better suited for on road driving since it is more important to illuminate long distance objects. Many drivers, however, prefer the advantages of both and choose to purchase a combination light bar that has both flood and spot bulbs.

Tip #5: Learn How to Install Your Light Before it Arrives

Before you even purchase your light, it is important to make sure you have all of the equipment necessary to get your light mounted. If you have ordered your light online, the time it takes for it to arrive is a good time to spend researching how to properly wire and mount your Cree LED light bar.

Most lights are very simple to install, but learning how to wire it ahead of time will save you plenty of time and frustration once your light arrives. Thankfully,there are many great guides on how to wire an LED light bar.

Tip # 6 Watch a Couple Video Reviews

There is nothing that gives you a better feel for how bright a light bar is than seeing it in action. Before the age of the internet, that might have been hard to do unless you had a buddy who owned the light bar, but now there are plenty of video reviews that not only demonstrate how bright a light is but also point out all its other specifications, pros, and cons.

Watching a Cree LED light bar review is a great way to learn more about a light and gives you a chance to see it in use.

Tip #7: Decide Which Style of Light Bar You Want

There are several different styles of Cree light bars to choose from. Some people prefer slim, low profile designs while others like the thicker, bulkier look. You also may want to consider a curved Cree LED light bar that is made to better contour to the shape of your vehicle. Know that a variety of options do exist, and look around to decide which one is best.

Where can I Buy a Cree LED Light Bar?

Cree LED lights are available at a variety of retailers, however, the best place to purchase them today is online, either directly from the company or from a site such as Amazon.

The reason for this is that buying online is usually the much cheaper options as both Amazon and the company itself are known for deeply discounting their products. Buying online is also more convenient, gives you access to the full catalogue of products, and gives you the ability to read reviews and product specifications at will.


Light bars that use Cree LEDs are by far the best options available today. They burn brighter, last longer, and consume less power. Read any Cree LED light bar review and you will see just how well loved these lights are by off road and on road motorists.

If you are looking for a great light bar to mount on your truck, jeep, or other vehicle, then Cree light bar is one of the best choices available. Read a few Cree LED light bar reviews, take all of the important factors into consideration, then go out and purchase a brilliantly bright, long-lasting Cree LED light bar.

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