Best Led Light Bar Reviews For Your Off Road Truck

If you’ve ever driven on a dark moonless night, then you know how inadequate headlights alone can be. Add treacherous conditions such as rain, snow, or fog and your ability to see becomes even more impaired.

In situations such as these, having a LED light bar would surely help you to get yourself to the safe, warm place. By installing a light bar on your vehicle, you will be able to light the area brightly—directly in front of your vehicle. Rather than simply relying on the dim wash of light, LED light bar boosts your confidence and increases your driving experience.

Finding the best LED light bar on the market is not a simple task. Here’s the great news: we’ve made tons of work with this resource a comprehensive guide full of LED light bar reviews and important information, to help you find the best light bar to fit your needs.

Save your time. Save your energy. Bright on the lights!

Check Out Our Top 6 Led Light Bar Brands!

BrandSize (inches)Review
Auxbeam LED Lighting
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4" LED Light Bar
7" LED Light Bar
9" LED Light Bar
12" LED Light Bar
22" LED Light Bar
22" Curved LED Light Bar
31" LED Light Bar
42" LED Light Bar
50" LED Light Bar
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Extreme LED Lights
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3" LED Light Pod
8" LED Light Bar
14" LED Light Bar
22" LED Light Bar
30" LED Light Bar
40" LED Light Bar
50" LED Light Bar
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Tuff LED Light Bars
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2" LED Light Pod
4" LED Light Pod
9" LED Light Bar
14" LED Light Bar
20" LED Light Bar
30" LED Light Bar
40" LED Light Bar
50" LED Light Bar
Our Review
Rigid LED Light Bars
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E-Series 4" LED Light Bar
E-Series 6″ LED Light Bar
E-Series 10″ LED Light Bar
E-Series 20″ LED Light Bar
E-Series 30″ LED Light Bar
E-Series 40″ LED Light Bar
E-Series 50″ LED Light Bar
Our Review
OPT7 LED Light Bars
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4" LED Light Pod
C2-Series 8" LED Light Bar
C2-Series 14" LED Light Bar
C2-Series 22" LED Light Bar
C2-Series 32" LED Light Bar
C2-Series 42" LED Light Bar
C2-Series 50" LED Light Bar
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Eyourlife LED Light Bars
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4" Flood LED Light Pod
7" Flood LED Light Pod
14" LED Light Pod
24" LED Light Pod
32" LED Light Pod
42" LED Light Pod
52" LED Light Pod
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LED Light Bar Guide

What is an LED Light Bar?

As the name suggests, an LED light bar is a strip of bright, LED lights that can be installed on your vehicle.

Most often, they are relatively lightweight, highly durable, and energy efficient, with an average life expectancy of 25,000 to 100,000 hours of use.

As mentioned, the primary purpose of an LED light bar is to add a supplemental light to your vehicle’s headlights, particularly for lighting up the dimly lit area directly in front of your vehicle and for adding extra distance illumination.

Over the years, LED light bars have become increasingly popular with motorists who appreciate both their aesthetics and the additional safety they provide.

Why an LED Light Bar is the Best Choice?

We should mention, that along with LED light bars, there are two other types of lights that you can add to your vehicle. These are halogen lights and HID lights, and they can be found in either bars or spotlights style attachments.

Halogen lights are the most popular lights in the automotive industry and are most likely the type of light that the headlights on your vehicle are. They have the advantage of being cheap and simple to manufacture, but their durability and brightness pales in comparison to other lights.

HID lights are better, being more durable and brighter than halogen lights, but they still have several problems:

  • First, it can take them several seconds to actually achieve their maximum brightness;
  • Second, they are difficult and expensive to maintain;
  • Lastly, the penetrative quality of HID lights makes them especially blinding to oncoming traffic, while still remaining dimmer than LED lights.

While these types of lights are often less expensive than LED light bars, the differences are undeniable. LED light bars shine brighter, last longer, and use less energy than HID or halogen lights.

In tests done comparing how much of the road is lit up by an LED light bar versus an HID or halogen light bar or spotlight, the differences are quite literally like night and day, making the LED light by far the best choice of the three.

LED vs HiD Comparison

Best Led Light Bar Reviews For Your Off Road Truck

What Are The Benefits of Using LED Light Bars?

We’ve already managed to touch on the reasons why buying an LED light bar is a much better choice than purchasing a standard light bar. Indeed, there are several important benefits of an LED light bar that make them the most popular choice for motorists. Some of them are:

led-working-lifeWorking Life of LED Lights

Most types of lighting use filaments that are heated up to extremely high temperatures in order to produce light. Due to this, these filaments are usually the first thing to go, giving the light an average lifespan of about 15,000 hours.

Since LED lights do not rely on filaments to produce light, they can last much longer. Most LED light bars have a working life of about 25,000 to 100,000 hours.

led-efficient-consumptionEfficient Consumption

One of the potential problems with powerful light bars is, if your vehicle isn’t running when they are in use, they can quickly drain your battery.

Since LED light bars operate off of a very small portion of electricity, however, they can be left on for long periods of time without having to worry about your battery going dead.

led-low-temperatureThey Barely Emit Heat

Part of requiring very little electricity to operate and not having to heat up a filament to extremely high temperatures means that LED light bars produce a very minimal amount of heat. This drastically reduces the risk of the light damaging itself and/or burning out your vehicle.

led-eco-friendlyEco-friendly Bulbs and Durability

Traditional bulbs are created using a variety of hazardous materials that can be hazardous to both your health and the environment. These bulbs often contain the elements mercury and carbon, both of which have been linked to multiple health conditions.

Besides being constructed of hazardous materials, traditional bulbs are also made of fragile materials such as glass, making them susceptible to breaking when jarred. Fortunately, none of this is the case with LED lights. Their eco-friendly, durable construction makes them the optimum choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

Beam Pattern: Floodlight vs Spotlight vs Combination

Determining which type of lights you want your LED light bar to be made up of is another important decision to make.

Really, it comes down to choosing whether you want spotlight beams, floodlight beams, or a combination of both.


The difference between the two beam patterns comes down to a question of depth versus width.

Spotlight beams are much more focused and narrow, producing a light beam that illuminates objects that are longer distances away but not providing as much in the way of side to side illumination.

Generally, spotlight beam patterns are preferred for on-road driving.


Opposite to spotlights beams, floodlight beams have a much wider angle of illumination, but lack the ability to light up far away objects. Floodlights are usually the better choice for lighting up a worksite or for off-roading where brightly illuminating hazards on the side of the road is crucial.


If you aren’t sure which beam pattern is the best for you, or if you are going to be in situations where both are preferred, then perhaps you should consider an LED light bar that is made up of a combination of both bulbs.

Having both spot and flood beams gives you full illumination of far away objects and objects that are off to your side, making combination light bars a highly popular choice.


Why is it So Important to Have the Best Led Light Bar?

LED light bars might seem as an expensive investment, however,  the best LED light bars are not that costly. You could purchase a cheap LED light bar that is one of the best available, or you could spend a great deal of money and get a product that you are unsatisfied with.

This alone makes it important to ensure that the light bar you are purchasing is the best one possible for your situation. Beyond getting the most out of your money, however, there are several other reasons to not simply buy the first light bar you find.

For one, a mediocre light bar can be a danger to yourself and other drivers. Everything from blinding oncoming traffic to going out at the most inopportune of times are all hazards you may find yourself dealing with if you have purchased an LED light bar that’s just “good enough”.

With so much weighing on the quality of your light bar in terms of both cost and importance, it is a good idea to do your research, read a few LED light bar reviews, and make sure you get the best possible light bar for your specific needs.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an LED Light Bar

An important part of determining the optimum LED light bar for what you want to get out of it is considering all of the different factors the different light bars available. These are:


The size of an LED light bar is based off of its length (usually measured in inches) and is an important thing to keep in mind when you are taking into account where and how you intend to mount your light.

LED light bars are sold in the various length increments, most popular of which are: 4, 6, 10, 20, 24, 30, 36, 40, 50 inch LED light bars.

Determining which of these sizes suits you best is an important first step in choosing an LED light bar.


The second important factor to consider is the shape of the light bar. The three available shapes are round, square, and rectangular, and while shape can have a slight effect on how the light is thrown, determining which shape is best for you is more so another factor of where you want to mount it, how you want to mount it, and how you want it to look once it is in place.

led-bar-beam-patternBeam Pattern (Beam Angle)

We’ve already covered the different types of beams available, but choosing which one is the best for you is the next step in finding the right LED light bar.

Again, go with spot beams if you prefer long-reaching light and will be using your light bar primarily for on-road driving.

Choose flood beams if you want wide illumination for a worksite or for off-road driving, and, if you want the advantages of both, go with a light bar that is made up of a combination of both beam patterns.

led-bar-colorLED Color

Unlike traditional, halogen lights, LED light bars are available in a variety of colors. These include white LED light bars, amber LED light bars, amber white LED light bars, red white LED light bars, and blue LED light bars.

While which one you will want is largely based off personal preference, some LED colors do offer some distinct advantages and disadvantages.

For example, white light bars are the brightest of the colors, but also the most blinding. Inversely, light colors with amber or red in them are much less hampering to your natural night vision and can better penetrate in low visibility conditions.


In order to gauge how bright an LED light bar is without actually seeing it in action, it is important to understand how brightness is measured.

The intensity of light is measured in a unit known as a lumen. For example, a 40-watt incandescent light bulb is capable of producing about 450 lumens of light. Most LED light bars are able to produce several thousand lumens of light.

Determine a rough idea of how much light you want and then choose a light bar that is rated at that may lumens.


There are a couple of additional features and options that you will want to consider when purchasing an LED light bar. One of these how many rows of lights you would like your light bar to have.

Options available include a single row LED light bar, a dual row LED light bar, a quad row LED light bar, and even curved LED light bar designs. Also, if you choose to go with a combination or multibeam design, some lights allow you turn the different types of beams on and off individually.

In order to get the best light bar, be sure to take all the additional features and specs such as these into account.

led-bar-water-resistanceWater Resistance

If there is one thing that is for certain, it’s that your LED light bar is going to get wet—soaking wet, and probably covered in mud and silt as well. In order to ensure that this isn’t a problem, you will want to make sure your light bar provides proper protection against both liquids and solid particles.

Determining just how much protection it offers can be done by looking at the light’s IP code. In this two-digit code, the first number tells you how much protection is offered against particles while the second number tells how waterproof the light is.

In both cases, the higher the number the better, but for a reference, a rating of IP67 means that the device is completely secure against both small dust particles and at least thirty minutes of being immersed in one meter of water.

led-bar-connector-typeConnector Type

The next thing you will want to consider is what type of electrical connectors your light bar will require. Once you purchase a light bar, you will want to make sure you have the correct wires to hook it up. In order to do this, make sure the connector type of your wires (ATP or DT) matches that of your light bar.


Light bars come in three different voltages: 12V, 24V, and 48V.  Don’t be confused, however—a 48V light bar can still be ran off of a 12V truck battery. The difference that voltage makes is brightness. Generally, the higher the operating voltage, the brighter the light will be.

How to Tell a Cheap LED Light Bar from a Good One!

How to Tell a Cheap LED Light Bar from a Good One!

Courtesy of Brett Levin

Avoiding cheap, low quality products is crucial if you want to get a light bar that will be lighting up the road for many years to come. But how do you tell the difference between a high quality light bar and one that is poorly made?

As already mentioned, you can’t go on price alone, but thankfully, there are several things you can look for to avoid a low quality LED light bar.

The first of these is to look at the IP rating. Avoid purchasing any light bar with an IP rating lower than IP65, as these lights are usually poorly built and not very durable.

Also, check the warranty on the light. Any company that isn’t willing to offer a decent warranty doesn’t put much faith in their product, meaning that you probably shouldn’t either.

Lastly, you can check online reviews of an LED light bar to see if it held up to others’ expectations. If a light bar has consistently received poor reviews, then chances are it is a cheap imitation and should be avoided.

How to tell a cheap LED Light Bar from a good one!

Best Led Light Bar Reviews For Your Off Road Truck

What is a Cree Led Light Bar?

CREE represents the cutting-edge in today’s LED technology. While CREE does not specifically produce LED light bars, the LED lights that they do produce are put into some of the highest quality light bars on the market.

At CREE, the primary goal is to continually design LEDs that can shine brighter while using less wattage, and this is a goal that they have achieved quite admirably.

There are CREE LED light bar reviews scattered all across the internet that praise their efficiency and brightness.

Recognition such as this has grown CREE into one of the most recognizable names in the light industry.

While it is true that the quality of the bulbs is not the only factor to consider when purchasing an LED light bar, finding a light bar that is outfitted with CREE LEDs goes a long way in ensuring that you get the best LED light bar for your money.

What is a Rigid Industries Light Bar?

Over the past years, Rigid Industries has grown to be one of the most recognized brands in the light bar industry.

Their reputation for producing only the highest quality and brightest LED light bars has led many vehicle and lighting experts to recommend that if you’re going to buy an LED light bar, always buy a Rigid Industries LED light bar.

Indeed, Rigid off-road lights are known for being able to take all of the beating that a rough, muddy back road can throw and still shine brighter than most LED light bars on the market.

Rigid Industries even has a list of athletes they fondly call the “torture team” that put their lights through the toughest motor vehicle competitions in the world without them breaking.

If you are looking for one of the toughest, brightest LED light bars available, then consider purchasing a Rigid Industries light bar.

LED Light Bar Torture Test - Rigid Industries

Best Led Light Bar Reviews For Your Off Road Truck

What is an Amber LED Light Bar?

When people refer to an amber LED light bar, they are referring to the unique color of light that these light bars produce.

As it turns out, this particular LED color is especially advantageous in certain driving situations. Due to the nature of the light, amber light is great for penetrating through vision-obstructing driving conditions such as rain, snow, fog, and heavy dust.

If you are going to be primarily using your LED light bar in off-road driving situations that are going to throwing up a lot of dust, an amber LED light bar for trucks is a great option to consider.

For clear conditions, an amber LED light bar is not as penetrating as a traditional white LED light bar, but if you find yourself often driving in hazardous conditions that limit visibility, then an amber light bar may be your best bet for ensuring you can see potential dangers on the road before it is too late.

Off Road LED Light Bars

Off road LED light bars are unique in several ways that make them well suited for mudding, navigating dirt roads, and for off road motor sports.

For starters, the beam angle of an off road LED light bar is much wider than that of an on road light bar.

This is because, in off road driving, it is more important to have more side to side illumination than it is to have long distance illumination.

Typically, when driving off road, you will be traveling at a much slower rate, making the road far ahead much less of a concern than hazards such as fallen trees that lay on the side of the road.

Secondly, off road light bars may produce LED colors such as amber that allow you to see further through thick clouds of dust that your tires throw up.

Lastly, off road LED lights are often some of the sturdiest light bars available due to the beating that off road driving dishes out.

In order to find the best off road LED light bar, be sure to check out specific off road LED light bar reviews. Due to their unique function, the qualities that make them advantageous are important to research and consider.

180w LED Spot light bar and 27w LED flood lights

Best Led Light Bar Reviews For Your Off Road Truck

LED Light Bars for Trucks

Of all the vehicles that LED light bars are mounted on (which there are quite a few more than most people would think), trucks are by far the most popular.

Besides the fact that trucks are equally good for both on road and off road driving, making mounting a truck light bar advantageous in several scenarios, light bars for trucks are a great aesthetic accessory to the vehicle as well.

Fortunately, if you are looking for the best LED light bar for your truck, you will have plenty of good options to consider. Most every light bar company makes a wide range of LED light bars for trucks.

No matter what make and model truck you drive, chances are there are several light bars made to fit it. Since trucks so often are quite hybrid in their function, consider purchasing a light bar that is versatile enough to be used in multiple situations.

For example, look for a truck light bar with a combination of spot and flood lighting in a combination of amber and white light.

LED Light Bars For Other Vehicles

Think LED light bars are only made for mounting on the front of truck and jeeps? If so, you have yet to be introduced to an entire subsection of light bars made for a wide range of vehicles and an even wider range of mounting options.

For instance, there are LED tailgate light bars (also known as an LED brake light bar) available for most every vehicle, giving you a bright illumination when you are backing up and helping you avoid a costly late-night fender-bender.

Along with various mounting options, there are LED light bars available for a wide variety of on road vehicles, giving you some of the best driving lights you can find.

While there’s no guarantee that there is a light bar available for your vehicle, don’t hesitate to look. You might be surprised with what you find.

LED Light Bars for ATV’s

One of the primary uses of a light bar is for off road driving. Likewise, one of the main vehicles used for off road driving is the ATV. With these two facts in mind, it only makes sense that ATV light bars be made available.

Thankfully, there are a number of great LED light bars for ATV’s. Like off road light bars, ATV LED light bars should be sturdy and well-constructed, as well as fitted with off road features such as wide beam angles and colors such as amber that can penetrate a haze of dust.

With the included headlights of many ATV’s being woefully inadequate, especially for treacherous, nighttime driving, purchasing a light bar for your ATV may be an excellent option to consider.

Plus, with ATV’s being especially mobile, mounting and LED light bar on your ATV allows you to take a powerful light source into most any spot you might need one, giving you a stream of illumination wherever you need to go.

LED Light Bars for UTV’s

Like light bars for ATV’s, there are plenty of light bars for UTV’s as well. Again, these light bars are most often used in off road scenarios, meaning they are durable and come with features specific to this application.

Also, since UTV’s are so often used for worksite use, a UTV LED light bar is quite often used for illuminating a worksite as well.

Since most UTVs are more stable than an ATV and cannot travel at speeds as high, a UTV light bar does not have to be quite as sturdy as an ATV light bar, but still needs to be able to handle all the stresses of off road use.

Whatever your intended use, UTV light bars and their mounting options are about as various and versatile as UTVs themselves, giving you plenty of options to consider.

LED Light Bar for Motorcycles

Given the increased danger associated with riding a motorcycle, it is especially important for motorcyclists to have plenty of light on their vehicle—both on the front to light their own way and on the back to signal other drivers of their presence and intentions.

For these applications, LED lights for motorcycles have become increasingly popular. These lights are made to fit on a variety of places on a motorcycle (they can be mounted on the bike’s saddle bag, tour pack, sissy bar, rear fender, trailer, or other positions) and can provide the driver with immense amounts of extra lighting.

Typically, motorcycle LED light bars are much smaller and lighter than standard light bars. Also, since they are primarily used for on-road driving, they have a narrower beam pattern for illumination at greater distances as well as bright LED colors such as blue and white.

LED Work Light Bars

Sometimes, when the deadlines are tight, work has to continue into the long hours of the night. If you are putting in some overtime at the worksite, you are going to need a lot more illumination than the moonlight.

For these applications, LED work lights are highly popular.

These lights are made to either stand on their own via a sturdy tripod, or be hung from locations such as rafters or the side mirror of a vehicle—wherever you can find a place to put them, they’ll light up the area plenty well enough to let you get your work done.

Since you will usually be working in relatively close proximity to these lights, widespread illumination is more important than penetration, meaning you will want to go with wide-angle, flood bulbs.

The color of the LED is also important to consider for an LED work light.

If you are working in low-visibility conditions such as swirling dust or fog, consider an amber LED light bar. Otherwise, you will want the brightness of a white LED bar. Once options such as this are decided, you’ll be able to work no matter if the sun is out or not.

LED Strobe Light Bars

Often times, it is necessary for you to get people’s attention—quickly.

Whether you are a construction worker signaling your presence to traffic or you are marking a hazard in the road, how well (and quickly) you are able to make yourself known can mean the difference between life and death.

In situations such as these, especially when you are working at night, nothing works better for getting people to take notice than an LED strobe light bar.

Like a police light, strobe light bars are made to rapidly flash either off and on or in a sequence of varying colors.

LED strobe light bars for trucks are also available, allowing you to signal to other drivers when you are in an emergency situation or that there is a hazard such as wide load coming behind you.

Depending upon your intended use, there are a wide variety of LED strobe light bars available, giving you an effective (and, admittedly fun) way to get the attention of everyone around you.

Emergency LED Light Bars

In certain professions and situations, there is a need to signal to other drivers when you are in an emergency so they can move out of your way.

Instances where this becomes necessary are not limited entirely to police, ambulances, and fire-trucks, either.

Whether you are a first responder or you are clearing the way for road hazards such as extra wide loads, an emergency light bar can be an important part of your job.

Like strobe light bars, an LED emergency light bar is made to flash rapidly either off and on or in a sequence of varying colors.

They can be bought to fit on most any vehicle, giving you flexibility in regards to what type of vehicle you choose to drive. If your job requires you to demand the attention of other drivers, then an LED emergency light bar is the perfect solution.

Marine LED Light Bars

If you are operating a boat after dusk, then it is required that you have lights on both the bow and stern of the boat. Along with this, many boat owners choose to add marine LED light bars to their boat.

While open water may seem like an environment relatively free of hazards, there are many reasons why you would still want to have plenty of extra light.

From avoiding submerged logs and other boats to giving you extra light for nighttime boating activities, adding a boat LED light bar is a great option to consider.

For obvious reasons, marine LED lights have to be especially water resistant. Also, if you plan on boating in the ocean, they need to be able to withstand the corrosive qualities of saltwater.

With a wide variety of options and uses for marine LED light bars, it is easy to see that light bars are not an innovation that is limited to use on the solid ground.

Baja Designs Camo LED Light Bar

Best Led Light Bar Reviews For Your Off Road Truck

What is an LED Fog Light Bar?

Of all the driving conditions that obstruct visibility, heavy fog is by far the most dangerous. In a heavy fog, it is often hard to even see the lines on the highway, much less other drivers and potential hazards.

On average, fog is credited with causing 31,385 crashes and 511 fatalities each year.

In order to keep from becoming one of these numbers, many drivers choose to equip their vehicle with LED fog lights.

Most often, these lights are amber in color, allowing them penetrate through heavy fog much more effectively than white light.

A fog light bar is also usually made with a very wide beam angle and is mounted near the base of your vehicle’s front fender, providing maximum illumination of the road directly in front of you—the most important part to keep lit in heavy fog.

If you live in a climate where fog is a common occurrence and you want to ensure your safety on the road, then an LED fog light bar is a worthy addition to consider.

What is an LED Light Pod?

If you don’t have room to mount a full sized LED light bar (or you don’t have the budget to purchase one) an LED light pod is a great alternative to consider.

These light pods are smaller, usually cube-shaped lights that are still able to provide a large amount of light for a variety of applications.

Since they are smaller, the positions they can be mounted in and the types of vehicles they can be mounted on are much more numerous.

Likewise, mounting these lights is much quicker and easier than mounting a traditional LED light bar.

If you like the idea of mounting an LED light bar on your vehicle, but aren’t ready to dive head first into the cost and cumbersomeness of a full sized light bar, then an LED light pod is a great compromise that still provides more than enough lighting power.

What is a LED Mini Light Bar?

Like an LED light pod, a mini LED light bar is made for fitting into places where there simply isn’t room for a full sized light bar.

However, mini light bars have a few signature differences from light pods. For one, rather than being shaped like a cube, mini light bars are generally the same shape of a traditional light bar, just scaled down to a much smaller size.

Second, mini light bars are usually even smaller than light pods, making them the smallest, most portable lighting option available.

Despite their tiny size, mini LED light bars still pack quite a bit of illuminating power and are generally much cheaper than a full sized light bar as well.

If maximum lighting potential and minimum cost and size are of equal importance to you, then a mini LED light bar may be the best option available.

LED Light Bar Brands

Choosing which company to buy an LED Light bar from can certainly be a difficult task. Whether you are buying an LED light bar for recreational activities or for your job as an emergency responder, who makes the best LED light bars is a question you will want to carefully consider.

Fortunately, there are a large variety of companies locally and around the world to cater for your specific needs and wants. Here are a list and overview of the most recognized of these companies:

Rigid LED Light Bars

If you are looking for a great LED light bar for your vehicle, you might want to consider products by Rigid. These USA made lights can drastically improve the off-road performance and safety of your vehicle.

With Rigid, you are able to go through the toughest terrains or weather conditions without a worry of the LED bar breaking. If it does happens to break, don’t worry about the cost—Rigid offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products.

The only concerns for buying one of these products is that you must make sure you have the right size and check the mounting options because they are very limited. Also, you must exercise some patience while attaching the light bar to your vehicle because the instructions are very time consuming.

Besides mounting problems, Rigid is also known to be quite expensive and to occasionally have some leakage issues. If, however, if you are wanting to equip your all-terrain vehicle with the best, Rigid is the way to go.

Click here to read a detailed review of Rigid light bars.

Whelen Light Bars

Police departments and civilian motorists alike are quick to say that Whelen Light Bars are one of the brightest and the best available. Used for law enforcement use and recreational activities, these bars will not let you down no matter the situation.

They are some of the least expensive LED lights out there and are also easy to install and great quality. However, some say that if you get the chance to upgrade your Whelen Light bar it is best to do so because most do not come with adjustable brightness.

The only other downside of purchasing is that Whelen only offers a 5-year warranty.

Click here to read a detailed review of Whelen light bars.

Code 3 Light Bars

If you live outside of the United States and are looking for an LED Light bar for your vehicle. go to Code 3. They are a worldwide company with some of the best LED light bars available.

The company tests their product thoroughly in their first class testing labs, but people who have already used Code 3 products will also attest that they are some of the brightest LED bars around.

These LED lights might be pricey and have only a 5-year warranty, but with the different features of light settings you are certainly getting your money’s worth. If you decide to purchase a product, be wary if you have to return it for another.

Sometimes it could take up to four weeks or more for a return. However, Code 3 has some of the most advanced and innovative lights on the market.

Click here to read a detailed review of Code 3 light bars.

Federal Signal Light Bars

Wanting an LED light bar that comes equipped with the newest and greatest technology? Consider Federal Signal Light Bars.

This company serves the US and a few other countries around the world. With some of the newest, sleekest and safest designs, Federal Signal’s LED light bars definitely stand out from the rest.

For example, they are one of the few companies to offer LED light bars that send out 360 degrees of light.

Their light bars are easy to install and, though expensive, worth the price for the variety of styles. If anything happens to the light bar, you only have a 3- year warranty, but are also given a list of places that can fix your lights.

Federal Signal is a great company to go to for your vehicle lighting needs.

Click here to read a detailed review of Federal Signal light bars.

Vision X LED Light Bars

Some of the best and brightest LED Light bars are sold by Vision X. Their LED technology can cut right through the darkest of nights with ease. Used by the US Border patrol and professional off-road, desert, and rally racers, if you choose to buy a Vision X light, you will certainly be in good company.

Even though Vision X offers a lifetime warranty, some have customers have reported issues with condensation. Vision X has apparently fixed this problem with their latest designs, however, so this issue had definitely become much less of a concern.

If you are looking for a reliable, USA-based company, Vision X is a great option to consider.

Click here to read a detailed review of Vision X light bars.

Eyourlife LED Light Bars

Wanting an LED light for your all-terrain vehicle but don’t want to pay a fortune? Consider Eyourlife. They might be relatively cheap, but their LED lights shine just as bright as any of their competitors.

Eyourlife lights are easy to install and have great light dispersion. While some customers have reported slight issues with Eyourlife lights, most of their products are of excellent quality.

Eyourlife only offers a 2-year warranty on most of their light bars, so be sure and take that into account if you are considering purchasing from them.

Click here to read a detailed review of Eyourlife light bars.

Prestige LED Light Bars

Prestige LED lights are primarily for your emergency vehicles only. Advantages of Prestige light bars are that are some of the cheapest and brightest emergency light bars available.

In addition to this, customers also like them because they come with 29 flash patterns and are completely weather and waterproof.

For most all of their products, Prestige only offers a 3-year warranty for any manufacturing defect with the LED lights.

KC LED Light Bars

KC LED Light bars are an excellent addition to your outdoor vehicle. They are a balance of rugged performance and extreme affordability, depending on the size you want. The LED life is about 50,000 hours, and the KC lights can fit anywhere from your hood to your bumper.

Some customers have complained about shipping issues, but other than this, there are very few cons associated with ordering a KC light bar. They have an impressive 23-year warranty and are considered to be the lead manufacturer of LED Lights for off-road vehicles.

You will certainly want to consider these high performance LED lights for your outdoor adventuring.

Click here to read a detailed review of KC light bars.

Tips on Choosing the Best LED Light Bar

Given all of the different options available, choosing the perfect LED light bar can be confusing process even if you are very familiar with the various specifications and nuances of the product. In order to make finding the best LED light bar as quick and simple as possible here are a few important tips:

led-tipsTip #1: Read Customer Reviews

If you want to get comprehensive, honest feedback about a light bar, then you are going to have to look beyond the light’s product description. While reputable companies are going to be honest about their product, they are not going to be quick to point out its potential drawbacks.

In order to get the best information about both the pros and cons of a light bar, look for customer reviews. Quite often, these reviews are considerably comprehensive, detailing large amounts of information that you may not be able to find anywhere else.

When you combine this info with the info that the company provides, it should give you a pretty clear picture of just what kind of light bar you are getting.

led-tipsTip #2: Stick to Well Known Companies

Sure, there may be some gems out there made by smaller, less known companies, but for every one of these, there is also a lemon. By sticking to buying from established, well- known companies, you are increasing your odds of getting a reliable product.

After all, these companies did not rise to the positions of being reputable and established by selling inadequate products and providing poor customer service.

Choose to buy from these companies and, along with being more likely to receive a great LED light bar, you will also most likely get quicker and more efficient service as well.

led-tipsTip #3: Check Your Local Regulations

Probably the only scenario worse than purchasing a light bar that you are dissatisfied with is purchasing one you like only to find out that it is not road legal in the area you live.

The use of additional lighting on your vehicle is governed by local regulations, so be sure and do your research on what’s allowed and what is not before you purchase an LED light bar.

led-tipsTip #4: Watch a Few Comparison Videos

Nothing beats seeing a light on and working in terms of evaluating how good it is. But unless you have a close friend who just happens to own the light bar you are considering, chances are you will not get the chance to see how shines until you’ve already purchased it.

Fortunately, there are a large number of videos on the internet that not only describe the various features, pros, and cons of particular lights, but also take them out and turn them on for a head-to-head comparison.

Watching these videos can give you a pretty good idea of how much illumination a light bar is going to provide as well as other important information before you ever take it out of the box.

led-tipsTip #5: Pay Close Attention to the Store/Company’s Return Policy

Hopefully, if you’ve picked the best LED light bar you can find, you won’t have to ever worry about the store’s return policy.

If, however, once you get your light home you decide that it isn’t right for you, then you will be thankful for a lenient return policy that allows you to either exchange your light or get a full refund on it.

Most companies, stores, and websites are very open about their return policy, so it shouldn’t take much effort to find out how they handle the process. Purchase your LED light bar from a retailer that is forgiving with returns, and you might be grateful a little later down the road.

LED Light Bar FAQ

LED light bars are relatively complex devices, leaving room for plenty of technical questions about how they operate. In order to clear up a few of these inquiries, here are the answers to some of the most popular LED light bar questions:

Lumens VS Watts, Which one is More Important?

Lumens and Watts are both units of measurement that you hear thrown around a lot in conversations about LED light bar. But what do these units mean, and which one is the most important to pay attention to?

Let’s start with lumens—the lumen is the SI unit for the intensity of light, and is used to gauge the brightness of a light bar.

While this unit is a little hard to imagine (for instance, if someone says that a light bar is three feet long, you can have a pretty good idea about its size, but if they tell you it’s 3,000 lumens bright, you still may or may not have any idea about how much illumination it can actually provide) knowing how many lumens a light bar is can still give you a base idea of how bright it is and is especially effective for comparing it against other light bars.

Watts, on the other hand, is a measure of how much electric power is required to keep the light running. The more watts a light requires, the less energy efficient it is and the quicker it will run your battery down.

However, lights that require more watts to run are generally brighter. With all of this said, lumens is probably the more important measurement to pay attention to.

If you can find a light that provides the maximum amount of lumens while running of the minimum amount of watts, then you’ve found a great LED light bar.

What is Amp Draw?

Amp draw is a measurement of how much electricity a light draws from your battery in order to stay on.

This measurement becomes especially important when your vehicle isn’t running, as the battery is not able to charge itself and will continually discharge.

If, however, you are putting multiple light bars on your vehicle or large amounts extra electrical components, you run the risk of having more amp drawn than your alternator can keep up with.

Most of the time this will not be a problem, but the amp draw of an LED light bar is still an important consideration to keep in mind.

What Does IP67 Mean?

IP67 is the most common security rating given to LED light bars, and is a measurement of how much protection they offer their internal components against both solid particles and water.

A rating of IP67 means that the light bar is fully protected against infiltration against solid particles such as sand, dust, and mud, and is also able to remain functioning after having been submerged in a meter of water for up to thirty minutes.

In short, an IP67 rating means that your light will be able to handle most any amount of water or solid particles you would ever reasonably want to put it up against.

What is Meant by “Beam Pattern”?

Beam pattern is a reference to how wide or how far a light bar illuminates. LED light bars come in three different beam patterns—spot, flood, and combination.

Spot beams are more narrow (8̊ to 10̊ ) and are used primarily for on-road driving to provide more long distance lighting.

Flood beams offer much wider illumination (usually a 90̊ spread) and are used for lighting up a worksite or for off-road driving.

Lastly, combination beam patterns offer a combo of both types of bulbs. These lights are the most versatile, and are generally recommended for most applications.

Can I Run My LED Light Bar off of a Wall Outlet?

No. LED light bars are made to be run off of a DC (direct current) signal. Wall outlets produce a pulsing signal known as AC (alternating current).

Trying to run a DC device off of an AC current can permanently damage the light.

My Light has Stopped Working. Should I Try Disassembling it?

If your LED light bar ever stops working, be sure to contact the manufacturer and send it back for repairs. Disassembling the light yourself can void the warranty and damage seals, leaving the light susceptible to moisture.

Where Can I Buy an LED Light Bar?

LED light bars are available at a large number of electronics and automotive stores. However, a much better option to consider is ordering an LED light bar directly from the manufacturer’s website or from reputable online retailers such as Amazon.

Ordering online gives you access to a wide variety of product choices and specifications, as well as customer reviews.

Even more importantly, retailers such as Amazon often offer large discounts on their products, giving you a much better chance of finding a cheap LED light bar than you have at a brick-and-mortar store.

While ordering a light bar sight unseen can be concerning, the truth is that very little can be determined by looking at the light anyway. You will get much more information from the product specifications and customer reviews—both of which are available online.

Combine this with the ease and flexibility of online shopping and the frequent discounts that are offered, and ordering an LED light bar online becomes a worthy option to consider.

Final Conclusion

By now, you have more than enough information and knowledge about LED light bars to make an informed purchase.

With light bars continually rising in popularity as more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits they offer, now is a great time to buy an LED light bar for your vehicle.

Consider all of the factors, research what advantages each light bar has, and purchase an LED light bar that will turn a dark, dangerous road into a bright, glowing path.